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Luxury holidays to Menorca; the Island of blue and green

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Enjoy luxury holidays to Menorca with Voyage Prive and discover the beautiful coastline and lively nightlife; book online today.

Relax in the Spanish island's luxury paradise

Menorca is the perfect destination for a relaxing break, or if you enjoy lively local nightlife. Set among its sister islands of Majorca and Ibiza, yet offering a distinctive, laid-back atmosphere, the island boasts a myriad of stunning beaches, gentle walks, and historic sights to visit.

While the nightlife in Menorca is lively, the island offers a gentler and more easy-going style than the Costas or other Balearic destinations. This makes the island an ideal holiday location for couples and families.

Beautiful coastline

Many holidaymakers choose to spend time on Menorca for its gorgeous coastline, and if you are looking to spend time on the beach then you will be spoilt for choice. From quiet, chilled-out havens of luxury to busy, bustling tourist spots, Menorca’s beaches have something to suit every taste. If you tire of the beaches, then not too far inland you will be able to visit some of the historic sights which Menorca has to offer. A gentle walk along sections of the Camí de Cavalls - a historic path which encircles the island - will take you from resort to resort while you bask the stunning views along the way.


Menorca takes its name from the Latin for ‘little one’, a title coined by the Romans because of the island's small size compared to its Balearic compatriots. The Roman occupation, though, is but a small piece of Menorca’s rich and varied history and there are hundreds of interesting historic sights to see as you explore the island's past. The Naveta d'Es Tudons is a highlight of any exploration of Menorca. The Bronze Age tombs are more than 4,000 years old and a historic site of international significance. A short drive - like most places on Menorca - from the coast, the Naveta is easily combined with an afternoon in the quaint nearby city of Ciutadella.

To see more of modern day Menorca, be sure to spend some time in the island’s capital, Mahon. The city boasts many relics of Menorca’s more recent past, including large Georgian houses and historic forts, and is an ideal place to spend a day of your holiday.

Local culture

If you like to experience the local culture on holiday, Menorca is perfect for you. At various times, you can join in the Fiesta celebrations, and all year round there is live music to enjoy in the bars and squares. Once, of course, you have spent an evening in one of the charming local restaurants sampling the best of Mediterranean cuisine.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing break on the beach, or to experience everything that Spanish island culture has to offer, our luxury holidays to Menorca will be perfect for you. With our handpicked offers on hotels and villas, combined with our exceptional discounts, you can be sure of getting a great deal too.

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