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Enjoy sunshine and standing stones on Menorca weekend breaks

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Planning your next break to Menorca? Be inspired and find great deals on luxury weekend getaways to this Balearic beauty at Voyage Prive.

Put your feet up or get on your bike

The most 'grown-up' of Spain's Balearic islands, Menorca is easy to get to from the rest of Europe, making it an ideal destination for those seeking sunshine getaways. The beaches are unspoilt and, usually, the sea really is the colour you see in postcards from the isle. Truly, it is tempting and easy just to kick off your shoes and put your feet up on Menorca weekend breaks.

But there is so much more to this exquisite island. Our handpicked offers will allow you to base yourself at a luxury hotel, from where you can take in the history and botany of marvellous Menorca. And, because the island is fairly flat, you can do a lot of your exploring on foot or by bicycle.

Standing stones and a stunning festival

Menorca is steeped in history: standing stone monuments, called taulas, are scattered across the landscape, their ancient purpose no clearer than the purpose of other standing stones around the world, such as those at Stonehenge in Wiltshire. The island takes its ecology seriously and, in 1993, it was designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO – botanists take note.

If the standing stones and orchids are not lively enough for you, check out the San Juan Festival in mid-June – and check, too, for our exclusive prices if you plan to travel at this time. This is the island's most important festival, celebrated for some 600 years and climaxing with the Jaleo, an amazing spectacle featuring horses and locals in medieval dress.

Cheese and wine... and gin

Whether you prefer full-blown luxury holidays or weekend breaks, you'll come back from Menorca feeling relaxed. If you have time, it's worth trying some of the local produce. Mahón cheese is popular, as are sweets known as flaons. If you prefer your produce more alcoholic, several small wineries now operate. Islanders are also partial to gin and, during festivals in particular, it is mixed with bitter lemon to make a gold drink known as Pomada.

Don't forget to enjoy the water while you're on the island – swimming, sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding are easy to organise. Also don't forget to sign up with us to access our exclusive prices and fantastic offers on luxury holidays – only members can take advantage of our handpicked offers.

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