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Weekends to Amsterdam, a city for all seasons

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Book online at Voyage Prive and enjoy a weekend in Amsterdam, the perfect place to soak up both history and culture while staying in luxurious accommodation.

Amsterdam: one of Europe's most beautiful cities

Come rain or shine, summer or winter, you'll never find yourself short of things to do and see during weekends to Amsterdam. A popular choice for a city break, it's a place that's steeped in history, packed full of cultural activities and events, and home to some quirky shopping and fantastic dining experiences. The Dutch capital has plenty to offer to travellers of all types, and is easily explored on foot, by public transport or by bike. With a warm openness to visitors from all over the globe, you'll find Amsterdam to be the perfect choice for a luxury weekend break.

Take in many museums

If you're a culture vulture, there's no better place for luxury holidays in Europe. Amsterdam is known for having the highest concentration of museums in the world, with no fewer than 75 different options to choose from. You'll be able to take in the Anne Frank house, with the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum other popular choices. Amsterdam has a museum to suit all tastes, with science and technology museum NEMO for the children, a Jewish Museum, the National Maritime Museum and more.

Enjoy a unique food and drink scene

If trying local specialities is more appealing than museum visits, a weekend in Amsterdam is the perfect luxury holiday choice; it's a city that offers a wealth of unique culinary experiences to any hungry traveller. From the deep fried crispy meatballs known as bitterballen and the syrup-filled thin waffles known as stroopwafeln, to Dutch cheeses such as Gouda and Maasdammer and the mini, buttery pancakes known as poffertjes, the Dutch food and drink scene is well worth exploring. There are 12 Michelin starred restaurants in the city too.

See Amsterdam from a different angle: the canal

One great way to experience Amsterdam's cuisine is to book one of a variety of Amsterdam dinner cruises, taking place on boats on its famous canals. Known as "the Venice of the North", Amsterdam has no fewer than 165 waterways, creating a city of 90 islands, all connected by 1,281 different bridges. The Canal Belt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a boat trip will give you a great chance to see parts of the city from a completely different angle, taking in its beautiful gabled canal houses, and listening to audio commentary that takes cruisers through some of Amsterdam's illustrious history.

Whether you're looking for culture, fantastic food and drink, architecture or history, Amsterdam truly has it all. Sign up to our site to see all of the available weekends to Amsterdam offers, or to create alerts to notify you of upcoming flash sales.

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