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Holidays to Prague, the historical capital of Bohemia

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Lose yourself in Prague’s history

Prague is the bustling capital of the Czech Republic, the ancient capital of Bohemia and home to some 1.3 million people. Set on the Vltava river, the historical city is famous for its colourful baroque architecture, museums, cafes and bars. Holidays to Prague promise astounding views, a rich walk through history, culture in spades, and labyrinthine streets with quirky cafes, lively bars, and trinket shops.

Known as the city of 100 spires, visiting the churches alone could keep you occupied for weeks. A simple stroll through the city centre provides such sights as the iconic 14th-century Charles Bridge with views along the river, the Prague astronomical clock, and the 1000-year-old town square. Prague also offers some striking modern architecture, one of the most famous examples being the dancing house designed by Frank Gehry. These modern offices built with unlikely angles and unnatural twists boast a restaurant with city views on the top floor.

Delicious street-food and sparkling nightlife

While Prague is best known for its history, beer and food lovers will not be disappointed. A famous Czech speciality, beer connoisseurs will be happy to find a beer museum and Bohemian craft beer tasting right in the centre of town. And for foodies, traditional pala?inky, a type of pancake, served with sweet or savoury fillings and can be found in eateries all over the city. Another local speciality is a traditional Slovak sweet pastry, the trdelník, which is dusted with sugar and cinnamon and can be found at street stalls and in cafes. Schnitzels (meat covered in breadcrumbs), speciality sausages and deep-fried cheese balls called smažený sýr can all be found at street vendors throughout the city.

Well known for its lively nightlife, evenings in Prague offer a variety of atmospheres depending on what you’re looking for. A romantic evening on a terrace over the river gazing on the twinkling lights of the city is a particular delight for couples, while groups of friends can enjoy quirky lively bars, and families can dine in one of the city’s many historic squares.

Book yourself into a luxury handpicked hotel

Couples, family groups, and friends will all find plenty to do in the city. And when you’ve taken in the sights and enjoyed the culinary attractions, what better place to kick back and relax in than a handpicked luxury hotel at an exclusive price?

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