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Holidays to Budapest, the Paris of the East

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Enjoy luxury holidays to Budapest with Voyage Privé and discover a world of culture, history, food and fun in one of the world's most atmospheric cities. Book online today.

Soak in the Budapest Baths

Budapest is famous for its baths and you can't this beautiful city and not take a dip - it's a quintessential Budapest experience. Budapest has an underground thermal water system which means that there are a variety of thermal baths throughout the city, all wonderful in their own right. Head for sunset to add a touch of romance to the scene, or go with a group of friends for an unforgettable experience.

Take a Danube River Cruise

Budapest is just as beautiful by night as it is by day. At nighttime, Budapest shines like a diamond as the buildings fill the banks of the Danube as they twinkle amongst the black waters. Not only does a river cruise offer beautiful views, but it offers a great history of Budapest, the buildings, and insight into little-known facts that you won't hear anywhere else.

Indulge in traditional Hungarian cuisine

Take a step away from the touristy restaurants and get connected with true local, sophisticated cuisine. Traditional Hungarian dishes you must indulge in include Hungarian goulash soup and rabbit with dumplings. Finish your meal with a classic Hungarian Tocai which is local wine in Budapest. If you want inspiration on places to eat, don't be afraid to stop and ask a local what they would recommend - if the locals eat there, it's got to be good!

Put on your walking shoes and climb Gellert Hill

Gellert Hill is the highest peak of central Budapest. The walk will take approximately one hour and will offer you stunning views of the entire inner city. At the top of the hill is the iconic Liberty Statue, where you can catch stunning glimpses of many parts of the city. It's a romantic setting for a romantic walk or just a great way to get some fresh air and catch some amazing pictures.

If you want to experience a romantic atmosphere, stunning surroundings and a wonderful history, then we are the perfect place to start your holidays to Budapest. We select each and every one of our luxury holidays with you in mind to create your dream trip away. Sign up to our website now for exclusive exceptional discounts and prices for holidays to Budapest.

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