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Holidays to Amsterdam

2 Amsterdam holiday deals

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Holidays to Amsterdam: the Venice of the North

Holidays to Amsterdam have a lot to offer. Its uniqueness and beauty will make you fall in love with the city. It is a very pleasant, charming and calm location for a holiday.

The Venice of the North

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Amsterdam is a truly enchanting city and a truly enriching, enlivening experience. To wander its quaint canal sides and winding alleyways is to witness one of the world's great cities: a testament to the beauty of the Old World. Whether you choose to walk, cycle or sail, you will be taken aback by the beauty of Amsterdam's architecture and by the friendliness of its people: though it undoubtedly has a bustling nightlife, it is a relaxing experience in equal measure.

Stay in luxury and affordability

What better way is there to begin and end your travels around this beautiful city than to stay in one of the many luxury hotels that holidays to Amsterdam offer, brought to you with unique deals when you sign up to our website. Whether you are staying with family, friends or a partner, we have the perfect deal for you and your needs, offering stunning and exceptional locations in the heart of the city at a minimal cost.

Take in the culture and delicious food

Not only do holidays to Amsterdam offer something of a work of art in itself, it also plays host to some of the world's leading galleries and museums. Whether you wish to see Van Gogh's masterpieces up close, or wish to contemplate the tale of Anne Frank and her family, Amsterdam has something for everyone. Its food scene is also excellent, yielding far more interest than the stereotype of chips and mayonnaise, or brownies and milkshakes. There is a thriving bar culture bursting with delicious small plates of seafood, and a penchant for Indonesian cuisine that is a product of the Netherlands' colonial history. Whatever your preference, there is something for absolutely everyone.

Whatever the occasion, there is a holiday to Amsterdam suited to everyone, from short, exciting weekends to longer, calmer stays. Sign up now to receive our unique offers and experience the luxury Amsterdam has to offer.

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