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Last minute deals to the Greece - a romantic and mythical land
Book a last minute deal to Greece, and enjoy everything that this beautiful and ancient country has to offer – from historic landmarks to stunning beaches – while staying in luxury accommodation.

Last minute holidays deals to Greece

Greece is a country that has something for everyone, whether you enjoy relaxing on beaches that would rival those of the Caribbean, whether you prefer a holiday that is rich in culture and history, or whether you like to experience dramatic contrasting scenery. Thanks to its enviable position on the Mediterranean coast, along with its accessible prices, Greece and its islands are among Europe’s most popular holiday destinations.

Enjoy the rich history and white-washed architecture of Santorini

Last minute Greece - Holidays to Santorini

Greek holiday favourite, Santorini, is known for its stunning and dramatic landscapes. As well as its distinctive architecture, ancient artefacts and its infamous volcano. Experience the wonders of the island’s Red Beach, which, as the name suggests, features unusual red and black volcanic sand – a stark contrast to the white, rolling beaches you will find on the rest of the island.

No visit to Santorini would be complete without a trip to the stunning village of Oia. The white-washed buildings of Oia are those that regularly feature on postcards – a true depiction of paradise. Small, cobbled streets meander between Oia’s houses and villas, which are perched on cliff edges looking out to azure blue seas.

During your trip to this architecturally renowned location, make time to marvel at the infamous blue domed rooftops, and enjoy a visit to one of the town’s many “cave houses” – several of which have been turned into mind-blowing infinity pools – which were originally built to protect families from the natural elements.

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The stunning island of Rhodes is a firm and reliable favourite for those seeking sun, sand and sea. It is well-known for its luxury beach resorts and mix of a cosmopolitan and traditional vibe. The island offers stunning landscapes, unspoilt natural beauty and warm, crystal blue seas. Its vast sandy beaches stretch for miles – through both the tourist hotspots and secluded coves.

On this infamous Greek island, you will find many picturesque little villages where traditional Greek life prevails. Walk through pretty cobbled streets and mingle with locals that still like to cook in outdoor ovens, or sample the best of Greece’s cuisine in quaint family-run restaurants by the seafront.Rhodes is also another paradise for the history lover; the island was even popular as a holiday retreat back in the Roman days, and there are traces of life from many eras and cultures – including the Romans, Ancient Greeks, Byzantines and the Turks.

You’ll find many ancient landmarks on Rhodes, including the mythical Grand Masters and the Street of the Knights. There’s also the famous Old Town, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is one of the world’s most well-preserved Medieval sites.

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Explore Greece’s ancient and enchanting mainland

Last minute Greece - Holidays to Athens

Top destinatin in Greece

Greece is a country that is rich in culture. If you are looking for a romantic break or a family getaway with something for everyone, this intriguing country is the ideal choice. Mythical ancient ruins sit against clear blue skies across many of Greece’s main resorts, while buzzing Greek culture brings cities like Athens alive both day and night.

Visit Athens

Take a day to explore the magnificent Acropolis in Athens, an area that is considered to be one of the most important ancient sites in the world. From wherever you stay in central Athens, you will be able to see this striking and imposing site, its marble monuments glistening under the strong Greek sun.

Visit Olympia

Or how about a magical day trip to Olympia? This is the original site of the Olympic Games, and where they took place for more than 1,000 years. Although much of the site was destroyed under the reign of Emperor Theodosius the First almost 1,600 years ago, the site still provides a glimpse into what life was like as a competitor in the infamous historical games.

Enjoy the greek gastronomy

Last minute Greece - Gastronomy

No trip to beautiful Greece would be complete without sampling its wholesome and refreshing cuisine. Whether it’s a traditional family-run restaurant, or a contemporary modern spin-off, Greeks are highly passionate about their food.

And who wouldn’t be?! This delicious Mediterranean food is enjoyed the world over, and favourites such as tzatziki, souvlaki and moussaka can be found in abundance throughout all of Greece’s resorts, islands and cities. The Greeks will often say that their rich, healthy and wholesome Mediterranean diet is what gives them such good complexions and leads to long, happy and healthy lives. That could be why practically any visitor that comes to Greece will be sure to fall in love with its food – and its people!

Luxurious hotels against stunning backdrops

Last minutes Holidays to Greece

Whichever part of Greece you prefer, our team of experts has hand-picked an exclusive selection of some of the country’s finest hotels, especially for members. Whether it’s a romantic break in picturesque Santorini or a relaxing beach holiday in Rhodes, our luxury hotels have been carefully selected to enable you to enjoy the best hospitality this beautiful country has to offer.

Luxury doesn’t need to be reserved for the lucky few. Our exquisite collection of four- and five-star hotels feature exclusive member discounts, and often come with added perks such as champagne on arrival or free spa treatments.

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For a real postcard setting, choose the beautiful island of Zakynthos. The dynamic Santorini is ideal for young couples. Nature lovers will appreciate the magnificent Corfu. Or discover the largest Greek island: Crete !

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