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Enjoy a holiday to Paphos: one of the oldest cities in the world

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Enjoy luxury holidays to Paphos with Voyage Privé and discover one of the oldest cities in the world; a place oozing with history, culture, cuisine, and beauty. Paphos is a coastal city of Cyprus that's bursting with things to do.

Take a trip back in time

Paphos is a unique city that has been around since the pre-historic times. It has therefore witnessed the rise and fall of many kingdoms. This makes it a perfect spot for history-lovers. As a gesture and reflection of its historically rich past, the city showcases several monuments and landmarks which are today well-known all over the world. Take a trip to the "Tomb of the Kings" which dates back to 4th century BCE, featuring underground tombs carved out of a rock. Or discover the Paphos Archaeological Park which features a fortress, tombs, Roman mosaics and more. If you're interested in Greek mythology, take a trip to Petra Tou Romiou Beach, which is known to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love.

Shop for souvenirs at the market

Paphos is a great place to pick up gifts for family and friends, or simply shop for yourself. The old town features a covered market each weekend, and it’s a perfect spot to wander the stalls in search of unique items. Local specialities include hand-made tablecloths, Lefkaritika lace and you should also find top-quality silverware and leather. You should also visit the Duck Pond Market located next to the Tombs of the Kings for its traditional car boot sale held every Sunday. You'll be sure to find something different in there!

Experience the nightlife

Paphos may have wonderful historical significance, but that doesn't mean its nightlife doesn't make for a brilliant time. Just off the harbour, you’ll discover Bar Street, which is layered in neon lights from dusk to dawn. It’s a great area for cocktails, or you can try out a themed bar or try your hand at singing at one of the many karaoke locations. Later on in the night, the crowds descend on the giant super clubs and the night rolls out to dance, trance, and club classics. So, whichever style of nightlife you're in search for, Paphos can offer it all.

If you're on the lookout for a new experience in one of the oldest cities in the world, a holiday to Paphos is the perfect choice for you. When you book with us, you can experience Paphos in all its luxury. All of our luxury holidays are handpicked and designed with you in mind to ensure you receive a perfect trip away. Sign up to our website today for exclusive and exceptional discounts for holidays to Paphos.

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