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Beer, chocolate and culture galore with Belgium holidays

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Enjoy luxury holidays to Belgium with Voyage Prive and discover the world’s best chocolate, Europe’s largest selection of beers and, of course, the seat of the European Union; book online today.

Holidays to Belgium offer a range of exciting opportunities

Belgium harbours a perhaps unfair reputation among the countries of Western Europe as being a little sedate, especially when compared with the likes of neighbours France, Germany and the Netherlands. However, the Low Countries nation is the perfect place in which to enjoy luxury holidays, offering a number of vibrant cities, poignant places of interest and fabulous food and drink. If that wasn’t enough, Belgians are known as some of the finest purveyors of chocolate and beer in the world. Now do we have your interest?

Explore the Flemish-speaking northern region of Flanders

You might not know this, but Belgium is ‘split’ into two regions, Flanders and Wallonia (there’s also a Brussels capital region). The majority of the country’s Flemish-speaking population live in Flanders, which is one of the most densely populated areas in Europe.

The largest city in Flanders is Antwerp, a very tourist-friendly place famous for its zoo, Renaissance-style city hall and, perhaps most importantly, the annual Bollekesfeest. Held every August, the festival showcases local products, including beer, coffee and milk chocolate. Bruges, further northwest, boasts an historic city centre, and is built on canals. It was once the main commercial city on the planet, and is still known for its lace products. Other sites you might wish to visit on your holidays are Ghent, Leuven and Ypres, a town near the border with France which is where the Menin Gate, a memorial to the fallen soldiers of the First World War, is located.

Venture to the south, and francophone Wallonia

Wallonia is larger than Flanders, but is more sparsely populated and less economically successful. The largest city in the area is Charleroi, home to some of Belgium’s artiest buildings, including Maison Dorée. Also situated in the region is Mons, the European Capital of Culture for 2015 and a site of several battles during both world wars - you can still visit the battlefields here and further afield. To the south is the imposing Ardennes Forest, guarding the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and boasting some of the most spectacular green vistas in all of Western Europe.

Last but not least is Brussels, the Belgian capital and, effectively, the central hub of the European Union. Brussels is one of Europe’s most underrated cities; a city with medieval origins, it offers unrivalled culture and architecture while promoting a vibrant, modern lifestyle that is harder to find throughout the rest of the country. Stay close to Grand Place if you can; the main square in Brussels is a bustling hive of activity, crammed with cafes, restaurants and important buildings.

Take advantage of our handpicked offers on holidays to Belgium, and delve into the wondrous delights of the Low Countries for yourself.

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