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Holidays to Corsica
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Corsica holidays combine vibrant history with stunning natural beauty

Enjoy luxury holidays to Corsica with Voyage Prive and discover the mountains and beaches or investigate the ancient history of this fabulous French island; book online today.

Coastal culture

The Mediterranean island of Corsica, perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon, features sparkling blue waters and impressive mountain peaks. The majestic natural beauty of the island - a region of France - offers much for visitors and locals alike, from hikes and nature walks to long, lazy afternoons on the beach. A hike through the Scandola Reserve might yield a peek at seagulls, cormorants and even sea eagles. The beach areas offer both fine and coarse sand and deserted coves and inlets to explore. A range of activities, such as kite surfing and wake boarding, are available while on your holiday to Corsica.

Blast from the past

The ruins of Filitosa are more than 5,000 years old. At the site you can see the infamous menhirs and other ruins that give insight into ancient cultures and lifestyles. Capula and Cucuruzzu in Levie are equally fascinating ancient sites, dating back to the Bronze Age, the second millennium BC. Cucuruzzu is a fortified Toréen complex, while Capula, which was also occupied from the Bronze Age, gives visitors an insight into the feudal system of medieval times. In the south-east near Corte, Aleria is the place where Phoenicians settled in 565 BC, after the Persians chased them from their homeland. While little remains of the Greek settlements there, evidence of the Roman occupation include remnants of the Roman town, the villa and the necropolis.

A sense of adventure

For those interested in more contemporary history a visit to the Maison Bonaparte, Napoleon's ancestral home, is a must. Situated in Ajaccio, the Maison includes items related both to Napoleon and his siblings. It was the place he spent the first nine years of his life. The Musée Fesch, also in Ajaccio, features a range of paintings from Early Italian and Roman Baroque to the Napoleonic Collection. Highlights include Botticelli's Virgin and Child and Paolo Veronese's Leda and the Swan. In Bonifacio, the beautiful Église Sainte-Marie-Majeure de Bonifacio, which was built in the 12th or 13th century, features stunning Roman architecture and a respite from the heat. The history of the island is dotted through its towns, providing insight into the complex and exciting evolution of this fascinating island.

From the mountains to the sea, Corsica has something for everyone and our exclusive range of hotel offers let you get the best of your holidays to Corsica

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