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Enjoy luxury holidays to Sardinia with Voyage Prive and discover one of the prettiest and most unspoilt parts of Italy with its ancient towns and golden beaches; book online today.

Discover the real Italy with a trip to Sardinia

Sardinia offers a more relaxed and charming version of the Old Italy that many travellers seek, but struggle to find on the mainland. A more relaxed pace of life and some of the finest food in the world help to make it one of the most relaxing destinations for all kinds of tourists. If you're looking for somewhere in Europe that's a bit off the beaten track but still provides some of the highest standards in all things, Sardinia is the perfect destination.

As one of the largest islands in Europe, Sardinia has much unspoilt natural beauty too, and has a huge variety of landscapes, from limestone cliffs to dense forests. When it comes to outdoor activities of all kinds, whether it's hiking, exploring ruins or just taking in the sun, Sardinia should have you well covered. Being an island, it also has the fairly idiosyncratic wildlife and culture that you might expect, so you can be sure of a truly unique experience whatever you decide to do during your visit. The local cuisine is also to die for; the island has one of the best culinary traditions in all of Italy.

Enjoy some of the finest beaches in Europe in Sardinia

One of the major reasons that Sardinia remains popular with the wealthy and celebrity elite is simple - the beaches are stunning and simply the best you'll find anywhere in Europe, with azure blue seas and white, sandy beaches. Unlike other parts of Europe such as the South of France, however, Sardinia is affordable for all, and is a place where different types of travellers co-exist. You can find more well-populated beach resorts, or slink away to a sheltered, private cove for some true peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of less secluded parts of the coastline.

Whatever you choose to do on your Sardinian adventure, you can find a wide range of great packages and special offers for luxury accommodation at hugely reduced prices on our site. Sign up today to be alerted to the latest deals and incredible discounts available.

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