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Weekends in Iceland

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See some of the world’s most stunning natural phenomena on a weekend break to Iceland

Water, earth and fire

If you love the sea, waterfalls or swimming pools, a weekend in Iceland could be perfect for you. The country has some stunning waterfalls and geysers, great sea views and an abundance of swimming pools and thermal spas, where you can warm up after a trip in the great outdoors. Combined with the unique Nordic light, the country’s waterfalls, lakes and seascapes are stunningly beautiful. A whale watching boat trip is also very popular during Iceland breaks.

Iceland is a great place to learn about volcanoes. During a long weekend break in Iceland you might want to schedule a day trip to visit the volcanoes. You might even be able to stand inside one, surely the highlight of many Iceland weekend breaks. Iceland’s vast terrain also provides the opportunity for some exciting sports, such as jeep tours. If you prefer a slower pace, horse riding, cycling and walking are also good options for checking out this unique and mysterious landscape.

Something for the city lovers

A weekend in Iceland can easily be filled without leaving Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik. This is the world’s most northerly capital, and that’s by no means the only reason to visit. There’s lots to do here; you could walk around observing unusual buildings, visit some art galleries or try the popular Icelandic pizza or hotdog. There are plenty of places to shop at the weekends and lots of unusual cafes and bars to unwind in after a long day. Reykjavik knows how to party, with bars usually open until at least 1am, even on weeknights. When you take advantage of our exclusive prices on luxury weekend breaks, you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit in.

And when you want to relax...

After a big night out or a busy day, you’ll probably want something relaxing to do. Icelandic folk certainly know how to unwind! Iceland is renowned for its many thermal spas so you’ll have no trouble finding one, wherever you’re staying. Some pools, like the famous Blue Lagoon, are natural geothermal spas situated in lava fields so you can soak in its mineral-filled waters while gazing on the beautiful landscapes around you. And when it’s time for bed, you’ll find peace and quiet in your luxury hotel, where everything is designed for the greatest comfort. So sign up and browse all available offers, or create an alert so you can be notified of new ones

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