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  • Explore the famous Golden Circle, including the famous Gullfoss waterfall.
  • Admire the magical landscape of the Eastern Fjords and enjoy a unique experience in the geothermal baths of Vök
  • Return to your comfortable hotel after days in the fresh air exploring the best of Iceland.

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Your itinerary in brief

Discover the magic of Iceland on this 11-night leisurely road trip, with a hire car and entry to the Vök geothermal baths and Forest Lagoon geothermal lagoon included.


Your itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Reykjanes Peninsula

Day 2: The Golden Circle

Day 3: The south coast

Day 4: Skaftafell and the Glacial Lagoon

Day 5: Eastern Fjords 

Day 6: Dettifoss and Myvatn

Day 7: Húsavik and Ásbyrgi

Day 8: Trollaskagi 

Day 9: Seals on the Vatnsnes peninsula

Day 10: Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Day 11: Borg Fjord

Day 12: Return journey

Your itinerary in detail

Days 1 - 4

Day 1: Arrival and on to Reykjavík

Arrive in Keflavík, Iceland. Collect your hire car from the airport and depart for Reykjavík overnight. Weather permitting, you'll explore the Reykjanes Peninsula en route. Highlights include Reykjanestá Bird Rock, Gunnuhver Hot Spring, Brimketill Rock Bath and Krýsuvík Spa.

  • Night in Reykjavik Natura

Day 2: Golden Circle

In the morning, you leave the city for Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through the Almannagjá Gorge to the former seat of Parliament, then on to the picturesque Öxaráfoss waterfall.

From here, your journey will take you through the agricultural region to the geysers of Haukadalur. While the old geyser is fairly quiet, the most active hot spring, Strokkur (the butter churn), erupts every five to seven minutes. The impressive Gullfoss waterfall is only a short drive away.

  • Continue to your accommodation on the south coast
  • Breakfast included
  • Night in Hotel Skógá


Day 3: South coast

Start the day with an unforgettable hike behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Continue walking along the rock face where the Gjlufrabúi waterfall hides in the canyon. The next stop is Skógar and its impressive Skógafoss waterfall.


Continue along the south coast to the bird cliffs of Dyrhólaey and Reynisfjara, with their basalt columns and black sand beach. Your journey will take you through the town of Vík, the abandoned black sands of Mýrdalssandur, the lava landscape of Eldhraun and the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur. 

  • Breakfast included
  • Night in Skaftafell Hotel in the Kirkjubæjarklaustur region



Day 4: Skaftafell and Glacial lagoon

Start the day with a visit to the Skaftafell Information Centre in Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður National Park and go on an easy hike to Skaftafell's Svartifoss waterfall, surrounded by monumental basalt columns.


You could also go on foot of the massive Vatnajökull glacier, via Iceland's highest peak, Hvannadalshnjúkur (2114 m), which will lead you to the Jöklulsárlón glacial lagoon. Stroll along the shores of the lagoon and down to the beach, where small icebergs often run aground.

  • Continue to the Höfn region
  • Breakfast included
  • Night in Brunnhóll Guest House


Days 5 - 8

Day 5: Eastern Fjords 

We recommend a visit to the glacial lagoon of Hoffellslon, near Höfn, before setting off to discover the landscapes of Iceland's eastern fjords, characterised by dramatic cliffs and narrow coasts teeming with birdlife.


See the sculptures of the Merry Bay Eggs or be impressed by the extensive mineral collection at the Petra Stone Museum. The popular and easy hike to Hengifoss waterfall can round off your day.

  • Breakfast included
  • Night in the Egilsstaðir region in Hotel Eyvindará or similar.


Day 6: Dettifoss and Mývatn

Follow the circular road from Egilsstaðir through the highlands to Lake Mývatn, with a diversion to Dettifoss, Europe's largest waterfall, and/or Stuðlagil Gorge.


Stop off at the sulphurous mud springs of Námaskarð, near the Krafla volcano. A short drive from the highlands is the fertile land around Lake Mývatn, one of the world's largest breeding grounds for ducks, waders and other bird species. Stroll through the lava labyrinth of Dimmuborgir and the pseudo-craters of Skútustaðir, or climb the Hverfjall crater to enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

  • Breakfast included
  • Night in the Mývatn region in Hotel Sel


Day 7: Húsavík and Ásbyrgi

Depart for Húsavík, a traditional fishing village and now Iceland's whale-watching capital.


From Húsavík, continue along the Tjörnes Peninsula to Ásbyrgi National Park. Ásbyrgi is a horseshoe-shaped canyon with a small pond at the bottom. You can also visit Hljóðaklettar, a distinctive group of columnar rock formations at the entrance to Vesturdalur.

  • Breakfast included
  • Return to the Mývatn area for a second night
  • Night in Hotel Sel


Day 8: Trollaskagi

The picturesque Goðafoss waterfall is on the road to Akureyri, nicknamed the capital of the North. The charming town centre has retained its Danish style, as Akureyri has long been a Danish commercial centre. 


From Akureyri, you can follow the coast of the Tröllaskagi peninsula or cross the mountains.

  • Breakfast included
  • Night in Hotel Rural Hofsstadir

Days 9 - 12

Day 9: Seals on the Vatnsnes Peninsula

The Icelandic Seal Center, located in the fishing village of Hvammstangi, presents seals in Icelandic culture and tradition, documentation and research, as well as details about their life in the wild (not included).


Along the Vatnsnes peninsula, seals can be seen on the coast, and the Hvítserkur rock formation is well worth a visit. Before setting off for the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, we recommend a stopover in the Kolugljúfur Gorge.

  • Breakfast included
  • Night in Langaholt Guesthouse in the Snæfellsnes region


Day 10: Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Today, you'll cross the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, with its brightly-colored mountains, jagged beaches, sandy beaches, lava fields, a national park and a glacier. A little outside Stykkishólmur, at the Bjarnarhöfn farm, you can visit a private museum (admission not included) dedicated to Icelandic shark fishing.


The national park lies in the western part of the peninsula, around the glacier-covered Snæfellsjökull volcano. After a half-hour walk along the cliffs, you'll reach the old Dritvík fishing bay. Take a walk from Malaríf lighthouse to the bird cliffs of Lóndrangar or visit the lava cave "Vatnshellir", which offers daily guided tours.

  • Breakfast included
  • Second night in the Snæfellsnes region in Langaholt Guesthouse


Day 11: Borgarfjörður Valley

The Deildartunguhver hot spring is Iceland's most active, and the picturesque Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfalls are not far away.


From Borgarfjörður, you travel to Reykjavík for your last night. Discover the world's northernmost capital: The town hall on the shores of Lake Tjörnin, the old port area, the Harpa concert hall and the city center with its colorful buildings are must-sees.

  • Breakfast included
  • Night in Reykjavik Natura or similar.


Day 12: Return

  • Meet at the airport at the scheduled time to return your rental car and catch your flight home

Important information about your tour and visits

The hotels, which comply with local standards, are indicative and may be changed locally for hotels of a similar category. The itinerary is subject to changes due to compelling reasons such as delayed flights, weather conditions or other cases of force majeure. The order of visits is also subject to change.

Your hotels

Hand-picked just for you

Maximum room capacity

At each of your stops, you will stay in comfortable rooms in carefully chosen hotels.


Your hotels:

Day 1: Reykjavik Natura Hotel, standard room (or similar)
Day 2: Skógá Hotel, standard room (or similar)
Day 3: Skaftafell Hotel, standard room (or similar)
Day 4: Brunnhóll Guest House, standard room (or similar)
Day 5: Eyvindará, standard room (or similar)

Day 6: Sel Hotel, standard room (or similar)
Day 7: Sel Hotel, standard room (or similar)
Day 8: Hofsstadir Country Hotel (or similar)
Day 9: Langaholt Guest House (or similar)
Day 10: Langaholt Guest House (or similar)
Day 11: Reykjavik Natura Hotel, standard room (or similar)


If the hotels listed above are unavailable, you will be provided with comfortable accommodation in similar hotels. Local standards apply.

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Your dining choices

This is a bed and breakfast stay.

Your optional excursions

Day 1 – Blue Lagon Comfort Entrance

Your optional excursions

Discover a unique place made up of a lava field covered in moss, offering an incredible landscape, with ultra-modern facilities and a unique atmosphere.

Enjoy silica mud masks as well as water that will make your skin firmer while leaving it incredibly soft!

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Day 4 – Zodiac Tour on Glacier Lagoon

Your optional excursions

The zodiac allows you to cover large areas of the lagoon and get closer to the icebergs than an amphibious boat.

Whenever possible, the zodiac goes right up to the glacier (as close as possible). On the boat, you can taste the 1,000-year-old ice and, if you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of seals.

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Day 5 - Vök Baths

Your optional excursions

Over the centuries, people living around Lake Urriðavatn have noticed certain areas of the lake that, curiously, do not freeze over in winter.

The Icelandic name given to these ice-free areas is Vök (plural Vakir) and it was discovered that they originated from underwater hot springs that rose from the depths of the lake to warm the surface. Before the discovery of hot water, people were convinced that some kind of monster lived at the bottom of the lake and melted or broke the ice.

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Day 7 - Whale Watching from Husavik

Your optional excursions

Discover the traditional whale-watching excursion from Húsavík, often referred to as the whale-watching capital of Europe, a unique adventure at sea - observing the wonders of nature in the magnificent setting of Skjálfandi Bay, sheltered by the stunning Vík Mountains. This is where our roots lie, where our ancestors lived in peace and joy for centuries, in total harmony with the wild and unpredictable nature of the North Atlantic.

Day 8 - Entrance to the Forest Lagoon

Your optional excursions

The 1,300 square metre Forest Lagoon complex includes a bistro, two infinity pools with two swim-up bars, a cold bath and a sauna. The facility can accommodate up to 200 visitors at a time and will be open seven days a week, from 11 am to midnight.

Geothermal water:

The spa's pools are heated with natural geothermal water from the mountain behind Forest's lagoon, Vaðlaheiði. The water was discovered during the construction of a tunnel and now has a greater purpose and healing power.

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Day 10 – One hour horse riding on Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Your optional excursions

Discover the beautiful, tranquil nature found off the beaten track in Snæfellsnes, the proximity of the sea and the magical power of the glacier. Stóri-Kambur Horse Hire is a small, family-run business that strives to offer a personal and unforgettable experience of the nature and history of Snæfellsnes, while introducing visitors to the almost mythical Icelandic horse.

Day 10 - Vatnshellir Cave Tour

Your optional excursions

Take one of the 45-minute guided tours of Vatnshellir Cave. The cave itself is an 8,000-year-old lava tube, created by the volcanic eruption of a nearby crater in the Purkhólar family of craters.

As the lava flowed down the hillside in a river of lava, it began to cool on the surface, creating a crust above the river of lava. When the eruption stopped, all the lava beneath this crust continued to flow. This eventually left an empty tube topped by a roof that gradually cooled.

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Your journey to Iceland


You will be able to choose your airline and flight times when you make your booking. This flight may include one or more stopovers. The stopover may be technical (without a change of aircraft) or transit (with a change of aircraft).

Luggage information

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If you choose a low-cost airline, you will be able to add your baggage during the booking process.

For domestic flights, airlines do not always offer the option of reserving baggage, so you will have to pay for it at the airport counter.

You will receive all the information you need to check in for your flights after you have made your reservation.

Your destination


Live an experience rich in emotions, where the coat of winter gathers behind its enchanting and mysterious landscapes. With its stories and legends, between trolls of the mountains and Vikings of the plains, Iceland is a very special country.


With your hat on and your eyes wide open, set out to discover the wonderful treasures it has to offer. Snowmobile ride to meet the glaciers, hunting for the Northern Lights during the long winter nights, husky safari through the pristine landscapes, welcome swim at blue lagoon...


Let yourself be charmed by the thousand possibilities of this land of fire and iceReykjavik, the capital, will be the ideal starting point to go and meet this concentration of nature, by the famous Golden Circle road

In more detail

Please find practical information about your trip:
This tour is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Pets are not permitted.
The tourist tax payable on site is ISK 666 (around €4.50 in today's currency) per room per night. In this offer it is directly included in the rates.

Rates and times are indicative and are subject to change. Some facilities/services are subject to a surcharge, payable locally.


General terms and conditions of sale apply.

The price includes

- Accommodation as per your itinerary (see description)

- Breakfast

- Activities mentioned in your itinerary (see description)

- GoNorth travel documents

- Car hire included Hyundai i30

- 24-hour helpline


The price does not include:

- Meals and drinks not mentioned

- Visits and entrance fees not listed

- Optional excursions

- Personal expenses and tips

- Visa fees

- Insurance (optional)

- All other services not mentioned in ''price incudes''

If booking as a single traveller, room occupancy and configuration are not guaranteed. You may be placed in either a single, double or twin room, based on the availability of the property at the time. 

The location shown on our map is to be used as a guide only and the actual location of the property may differ.

Your contact details may be passed on to the hotel so that they can make contact with you to discuss your booking in advance of your arrival.

You may be asked to provide a credit/debit card deposit on arrival to cover any purchases made in the hotel.

Although we endeavour to provide up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee that all hotel facilities and services will be available during your stay, especially when travelling out of the main holiday periods.

Star rating standards may differ to that of the UK, depending on the country of travel.


Travel with peace of mind


To ensure a peaceful holiday, our partners are committed to respecting the local health and sanitary measures in force to protect your safety and well-being.


Please note: health and sanitary measures may be subject to change in line with government recommendations. Consequently, they may affect access to certain amenities and leisure facilities.

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