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What to do on weekends in Germany

Steeped in history and boasting a sensational cityscape, newcomers to the iconic German capital find themselves surrounded by culture. Here's why Berlin should be the destination of choice for your next weekend in Germany:

Stunning architecture and epic history

The Reichstag, which houses the German parliament, was entirely rebuilt following the Cold War and is now one of the most imposing buildings in the city. It features a huge, publicly accessible glass dome offering visitors panoramic views of the capital and also the chambers below. Brandenburg Gate, meanwhile, is always a hit with travellers as the one of Berlin's enormous 18th century city gates - the only one that remains. Standing 368m tall, the Berlin Television Tower isn't to be missed either.

You can trace the path of the long-since destroyed Berlin Wall for 5.7 kilometres through the city, passing former border watchtowers, memorials and other relics of Germany's Cold War disunification along the way. Checkpoint Charlie, the most well-known crossing point between West and East Germany, is now featured in an open-air museum built on the site. The Holocaust memorial consists of 2711 concrete tomb-like slabs, allowing visitors to make their own way through the monument. And no Germany breaks are complete without a visit to Museum Island, where as many as five major museums are located, the earliest of which was constructed in 1830.

Green spaces

Berlin is home to more natural beauty than almost any other city in Europe. With almost 50% of the city devoted to parkland and wildlife, it offers a wealth of family-friendly public spaces where visitors can take a step back from the urban hustle and bustle and find some tranquility. Some have animal enclosures with deer and wild boar, and one even has an open-air cinema in summer.

Incredible nightlife

Clubbers will know that Berlin is a mecca for fans of house and techno music, being the birthplace of techno itself. You’ll find a partially open-air club on the bank of the Landwehr Canal, offering a more relaxed vibe if you're after a chilled-out evening. Berlin hosts guitar-driven bands most nights of the week if that’s your thing, while local hipsters flock to the Kreuzberg district for house and electro tunes at the weekends. Or if you're really feeling lucky - and you'll need to be, because the door policy is ruthless – you could head to the disused power station on the border between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain – it’s the epicentre of Europe's rave scene and often stays open through Friday to Sunday

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