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Holidays to Florence

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Florence holidays: birthplace of the Renaissance

As if Tuscany wasn't beautiful enough, its capital of Florence is one of the most iconic, romantic and visually alluring cities in the world. Known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, the city has counted Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo amongst its residents, and remains a hugely important centre for arts, culture and fashion in Italy and the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Florence is one of the world's most romantic cities: stay in a range of beautiful four and five star hotels with our unique offers by signing up today.

Art, culture, history and fashion

A city that is breathtaking in its architecture, Florence has cultivated stylishness for centuries, and continues to do so. To walk around the city is to be treated to the greatest buildings, sculptures and art of the middle ages and subsequently, and today there remains several galleries and museums that are of global significance. The city is also lined with designer boutiques that are perfect for whiling away an afternoon, and there are beautiful libraries that will enchant any visitor. One of the most culturally rich cities in the world, Florence is not to be missed.

Fantastic Food

The food of Florence is interesting in that it is borne from the simplistic, peasant cooking of Tuscany, rather than the high-minded fine dining that other wealthy Italian cities deal in. Expect simple, rustic and delicious fare focusing on good quality meat and bread, specialising particularly in the T-Bone steak and the panzanella bread salad during the summer months. During the carnival months, you can expect to find a great deal of "schiacciata alla fiorentina": a white flatbread cake that is a perfect match of soft texture and simple ingredients. This latter aspect hammers home the ethos of the city's cuisine.

Romantic hotels

With our excellent, unique deals, you are sure to find the right hotel for the your needs and your holiday to Florence on the whole. With a range of four and five star options, expect hotels that will emphasise further your placement in this most glamorous, elegant and romantic of cities. Florence is the perfect place to take your loved ones, be it a partner, family or friends: take a look at our hotels to find boutique special offers for enticing places to stay.

Regardless of where you wish to stay in this delightfully compact city, we have a range of options to suit any need, and at excellent rates. Sign up now to start planning your trip to this breathtaking city: with the food, the culture, and the elegance, a holiday to Florence is not to be missed.

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