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Holidays to the Indian Ocean have never felt so warm and inviting

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Enjoy luxury holidays to the Indian Ocean with Voyage Prive and discover white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and incredible seafood; book online today.

Discover the most gorgeous beaches on Earth

When you think of gorgeous breathtaking sandy white beaches and crystal-clear waters, one of the first regions to cross your mind will undoubtedly be the Indian Ocean. For many travellers, it has long held the accolade of hosting the best beaches on Earth, and it’s unsurprising when the region includes such destinations as the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Zanzibar and Beruwala. Each of these is best enjoyed with a luxury poolside villa or exclusive water bungalow. It’s the epitome of elegance and relaxation and leaves guests feeling truly relaxed and rejuvenated.

World-class eating

No truly world-class destination would be complete without fine dining to go along with those long days spent relaxing in the sun. Holidays to the Indian Ocean are no different with fresh, locally sourced seafood topping the list of speciality dishes available. Beautifully cooked tuna and mahi-mahi are particular favourites of locals and holidaymakers alike. Guests are also encouraged to spend their days sipping on fresh coconut juice and enjoying a wide range of other locally grown fruits. At night time, dark rum is the way to finish off the evening meal, or alternatively enjoy a perfectly blended cocktail.

Other activities

With such picture-perfect waters, the ocean surrounding the islands is the perfect location for snorkelling or diving around coral reefs. Here guests can truly explore nature in one of its most pristine and beautiful environments. If getting wet isn't for you, then simply catch a glass-bottomed boat tour that takes you to surrounding islands and beyond, where you can get up close and personal with the marine life, with a cocktail and camera in hand. Beyond other common water sports like jet skiing, you can finish your day by taking a relaxing stroll or bike ride around the islands and view stunning sunsets from picturesque isolated locations.

Whether it's sampling the exotic cuisine, the wonders of nature or the breathtaking scenery, the islands of the Indian Ocean have it all. If you’re looking to whisk that special person in your life away to one of the most romantic locations on Earth, then holidays to the Indian Ocean are ideal. To book a truly unique stay in a luxury hotel, sign up to our mailing list today and receive handpicked offers which are exclusive to you and other members.

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