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Paris, the city of love

Think of France and the city of Paris immediately comes to mind. Imagine strolling under the Eiffel Tower with your sweetheart, heading down the Champs Elysees and taking in the wonder that is the Arc de Triomphe. Paris is a world of wonder. The city of love has some of the world’s most stunning architecture, it is legendary for its food, and it has so much more besides.

France a country of profound contrasts. From the glitzy wealth and ostentatious consumption of St Tropez, with its supercars and stellar beaches, to the rural farmer’s markets and rustic wines of the Loire Valley, together with the cobbled streets and equally dramatic architecture of the old fort towns, France has something for everybody.

Head to the French Alps for winter fun

You can head into the Alps, to Grenoble and Chamonix, for some of the best skiing and walking holidays Europe has to offer, and you can enjoy one of the world’s greatest nature reserves in the Camargue. Thousands of flamingoes set up temporary home here every year, and you can visit to take in the colour and the drama.

The food is one of France’s worst kept secrets and the French take pride in everything, from the simple meats and cheeses that go with your morning croissant to the most spectacular and lavish evening meals in the most glamorous restaurants. Foodies flock to France en masse, like the birds, to enjoy some of the finest cuisine in the world, and whatever your palate you are unlikely to be disappointed.

You haven’t seen all that France has to offer

It’s the sheer range of France that is perhaps its most surprising quality, though, there is a different landscape, feeling and emotional journey available for just about everybody. The country is everything that anybody is looking for, from the sun-kissed beaches holidays of the South of France to the more temperate and bustling climes in Paris and other major cities. So if you think you have seen all that France has to offer, think again; you’re probably not even close.

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