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Book a last-minute holiday to Bruges with Voyage Privé and enjoy all the beauty and quirkiness that this medieval European city has to offer.

Bruges, beauty, heritage and more

With its medieval architecture and dreaming spires, all reflected in the city's network of picturesque canals, Bruges has been described as one of the most beautiful and picturesque destinations in Europe. But this quirky medieval city offers much more than a veneer of beauty; it also possesses an intoxicating mix of heritage, art, political history and, of course, chocolate.

A stunning city to visit at all times of the year, Bruges is the perfect place for a short romantic weekend away. Couples can spend the day exploring the medieval streets in their very own horse and carriage or go shopping in one of the many independent shops that line the streets. Markt square also provides an eclectic mix of independent restaurants and cafés, which are perfect for spending an hour or so watching the light transform the stunning medieval architecture of the square.

Experience café culture Bruges style

Bruges is famous for its café culture, and the city is full of independent coffee shops serving delightful artisan coffees from around the world. While you're at it, why not indulge with one of the city's famous chocolate delicacies. Handmade using only the finest chocolate and finished with a choice of toppings, including marshmallow and pecan nuts, this is the place to indulge those with a sweet tooth for sure.

And you can’t visit Bruges without sampling the local delicacies of frites and waffles. There is no shortage of local cafés serving the national dish with many putting their own inimitable style on this time-honoured classic. For the ultimate indulgence try homemade ultra fluffy waffles dribbled with bourbon whipped cream and candied bacon.

An intoxicating city that combines the traditional with the bizarre

After eating all that chocolate you’ll be in need of a place to burn some calories, so why not explore one of the city's many quirky museums. The Torture Museum is located in one of Europe's oldest historical prisons and contains a collection of torture devices that were once used to bring intolerable suffering to both body and mind. There is everything here from the humble thumbscrew to the bizarrely named iron maiden.

If you would prefer something a little more relaxing, the Salvador Dali Museum exhibition at the Museum-Gallery Xpo should be right up your street. A celebration of the artist's life and work, the museum holds some of the surrealist painter's most interesting paintings and sculpture. Book your Bruges holiday online at Voyage Privé to get the best deals from a collection of boutique hotels located in the heart of this beautiful city.

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