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Enjoy luxury holidays to Russia with Voyage Prive and discover the richness and diversity of the world's largest nation. From the world famous centres of Moscow and St Petersburg, to the exotic wilderness of Siberia, there's something for every kind of traveller in the country they call 'Mother Russia'. Book online today.

A European vibe pervades in the cultural hubs of Moscow and St Petersburg

Although a centuries-old rivalry exists between these two great cities, there's no reason for you to pick a side! Both have something to offer the traveller looking for their fix of art, culture, and sites of historical significance. Moscow, for instance, boasts the world-famous Bolshoi ballet. Bolshoi literally comes from the Russian word for big, and there's nothing small about the scope, ambition or world-renown of this famous company. If you want to get your fix of world-class ballet and find yourself in St Petersburg, don't be too downhearted. The great city is itself host the Mariinsky Ballet, the country's leading ballet from the times of the Tsar.

The Two Capitals Of Russia 5*

Speaking of Tsars, St Petersburg might not have the 'big ballet' but some of its attractions are certainly off-the-scale, both literally and figuratively. The Winter Palace, for instance, is the epitome of imperial grandeur. Home of the Tsars until the Russian Revolution, this great behemoth of a building was apparently quite difficult to fill. So much so that, in 1764, the-then empress Catherine the Great requisitioned part of it, and turned it into the world-famous Hermitage Museum. Crammed with riches from both east and west, perhaps no other museum in the world can boast such an extraordinary panoply of artefacts, spanning the entire scope of Eurasian history.

The Two Capitals Of Russia 5*

Journey into the heart of the Russian wilderness

Famously, Paul Theroux almost went mad while journeying from Vladivostok to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian Railway. If you want to avoid the same fate, but still would like to explore the mysterious heart of Russia, then why not pick a destination along the way? Lake Baikal, for instance, might be the perfect place to spend some time if you are a lover of the strange and the exotic. Baikal is the oldest and deepest freshwater lake on the planet. You might choose to navigate its circumference on one of the many ecological walking tours, or maybe make a visit to one of the local indigenous settlements, virtually untouched by western civilisation.

So much to see on holidays to Russia

There are so many magical locations, from the edge of Europe to the tip of Asia, all of which celebrate Russia's profound diversity and its unique cultural make-up. Our exclusive and exciting offers mean Russia might just be the place for you, so why not explore one of the most exciting countries on earth for less with our extraordinary deals?

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