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Denmark holidays

Discover where to stay in Denmark and immerse yourself in the fascinating culture; book unique and luxurious accommodation at Voyage Prive.

A cultural haven

When most people think of Denmark they tend to focus on Copenhagen. As a centre of global significance, rich in culture and history, this is perhaps not surprising. However, there is also another Denmark that you might want to see, so spend your holiday exploring the hidden treasures of this fascinating archipelago.

The city itself

The Danes are famous for much more than their pastries. The statue of the Little Mermaid by Edvard Eriksen for instance commemorates Copenhagen's most famous son Hans Christian Anderson, and is the city's most visited spot. Other special sites of interest include the Rundetårn or 'Round Tower'. This extraordinary artefact of architectural engineering was built in the seventeenth century as an astronomical observatory, and boasts what is known in architectural circles as 'an equestrian staircase' - a ramp-like series of tiny steps, designed so that the king could ride to the top. Although horses are no longer permitted, this amazing building is now totally open to the public.

Copenhagen also boasts a full compliment of internationally renowned art galleries and museums, restaurants and eateries. Don't miss the opportunity to sample one of their famous open sandwiches, but be warned! They are traditionally washed down with plenty of schnapps!

Out of Copenhagen, explore this nation of islands

Any Danish place name ending with an 'ø' means that the place is actually an island, and there are lots of them: 406 to be exact. Although we don't recommend that you try and travel to all of them (only 80 are inhabited) there are a few that might interest you, whether you're leaving the capital for the day or hoping to hop between them!

Firstly, there is more to Zealand than just Copenhagen, and we urge you to visit Elsinore and the castle Kronborg, where Shakespeare supposedly set Hamlet! On the island of Læsø you'll find some more iconic Danish architecture in the shape of its famous seagrass roofs. Made from fresh seaweed, a revivalist movement is trying to revitalise this strange and unique use of the local produce. As the site of the famous agreement on climate change, you would be forgiven for thinking that Copenhagen was the ecological capital of Denmark, but the environmentally conscious among you might want to try the island of Samsø. This zero-emissions haven gets all its energy from wind and solar power, and is the site of a special 'energy academy' where locals share their knowledge and experience of living a greener life.

Denmark is a small country but a fascinating one. Whether its a luxury city break that you're looking for, or something a little more off the beaten track, we know we have the unique offers and exceptional deals to make your holiday special.

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