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Find great deals to Turkey online with Voyage Prive; explore this magnificent country and experience culture, food and history that mixes East and West traditions.

Explore Turkey, where East meets West

A trip to Turkey will allow you to experience Europe and the Middle East at the same time. This country has a long and interesting history, and offers visitors a glimpse into the ancient past. But along with historical attractions, Turkey also has lots to offer in terms of relaxation, with long days of sunshine and picturesque coastlines. Great deals to many areas, both the cities and the beaches, can help you make the most of your holiday.

Turkish cuisine has something to please all tastes and it uses the freshest ingredients, ensuring every dish is bursting with flavour. For meat fans, the kebabs are made from high quality meat and cooked with complementary spices; baked goods, such as börek and gözleme, are the ideal lunchtime snack; and if you're being healthy, Turkish vegetables are some of the tastiest in the world. Remember to leave room for dessert too - Turkish sweets, such as baklava, will satisfy any sweet cravings.

Discover Turkey's rich history and fascinating culture

For a taste of Turkey's past, Istanbul is the ideal first stop. The Old City contains many sites from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras, among others. Hagia Sophia (a church from the sixth century), Topkapi Palace (an Ottoman palace), Blue Mosque (a large and important mosque) and Basilica Cistern (a giant underground cistern) are all not to be missed. You'll find other ancient ruins and amazing historical sites throughout the country too. Among the highlights are Troy, the infamous ancient city; Cappadocia, an area with an almost moon-like landscape, where homes were carved into the walls in the Bronze Age; Mount Nemrut, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with large and impressive statues from the first century; and Ani, a city of Armenian medieval ruins.

Soak up the sun by the Mediterranean

As well as its history, many visitors are drawn to Turkey for its sunshine and beautiful beaches. Much of the country's coast lies on the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, and there are many resorts to be found in this region. Bodrum and Antalya are both home to luxury hotels, gorgeous beaches and extensive amenities, and excellent Turkey holiday offers can often be found here. There are activities to keep the children entertained all day, watersports, bars, and many restaurants serving Turkish and international cuisine.

Whether you visit Turkey seeking beaches, history, markets or delicious food, our exclusive Turkey deals mean you can have the trip of a lifetime while enjoying exceptional discounts.

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