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Great deals to Croatia, the country of natural and manmade gems

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Find great deals to Croatia online with us; explore this magnificent country and experience its unique fusion of gorgeous scenery and sparkling culture.

Explore Croatia’s nuances and hidden depths

Holidaymakers are only just discovering how much Croatia has to offer as a luxury holiday destination. You’ll be amazed by the stunning pebbled beaches which accompany the vivid blue water of beaches such as Zlatni Rat and Nugal, as well as towns and cities like Trogir and Dubrovnik which are dripping in illustrious and mesmerising culture. If you’re on the lookout for nature and greenery, you’ll find Croatia’s Biokovo mountain range and national parks captivating and a source of exciting adventure – it’s here where you can do everything from hiking, to sea kayaking, and even white water rafting.

When it comes to holiday destinations, you’ll usually be asked to choose between beaches and culture or adventure and shopping. In Croatia, you really can have it all in terms of sights and experiences, accompanied by perpetual sunshine and unique culinary delights.

Be at one with nature in Croatia’s national parks

Although there are eight captivating national parks to be explored, we’d recommend visiting the breathtakingly beautiful Plitvice Lakes national park, which is located between the capital city of Zagreb and the coast. As its name suggests, the eighteen lakes are the main draw to this national park, with each one more than stunning than the last. Amongst the emerald lakes, you’ll find crashing waterfalls, as well as woodlands frequented by deer, bears, wolves and even rare species of bird. If you can drag yourself away from the scenery, swimming in the refreshingly clear, sparkling lakes is a perfect end to the trip.

Embrace the past in Croatia’s cities

Steeped in history and culture, Split, located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, is an ideal destination for those who enjoy taking in the dramatic sights and the sun-drenched streets at a leisurely pace. Split has the remains of a magnificent roman palace built by Diocletian, a roman emperor, at the turn of the fourth century AD, and you’ll rarely turn a corner without seeing an ancient column, temple or underground cellar to marvel at. If you enjoy roman architecture, Pula – a port found at the southern tip of the Istria Peninsula – won’t disappoint. Here you’ll be transported back in time by a first-century Roman amphitheatre. If you’re visiting in July, you’ll also be able to enjoy the unforgettable spectacle of a concert under the stars.

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