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Leave the beaten path with holidays to Vietnam

Enjoy luxury holidays to Vietnam with Voyage Prive and discover a wealth of exciting places, including the city of Hoi An; book online today.

Come alive in Vietnam

The warmth of the people, the sublime food, the great weather and the plenitude of beautiful landscapes combine to make Vietnam a luxurious holiday destination. There's the ancient capital of Hue in all its former grandeur and there's also the scooter laden streets of Ho Chi Minh, where Vietnam's booming economy is best evidenced. Head to the north and, if you're lucky, you'll see the legendary Hoàn Ki?m lake turtle in Hanoi. However, Vietnam's complex colonial history is perhaps best displayed in Hoi An, a former trading centre with the 16-17th century Japanese bridge a short walk from the river.

Discover the delights of Hoi An

Lanterns are something Hoi An is renowned for. You won't be able to miss the endless colourful and elaborate designs on sale in the street markets and small boutiques. A gift for those missing out at home perhaps?

Short boat trips are available, as are a wealth of opportunities to make photographers weak at the knees. Many Vietnamese couples make the journey to Hoi An for their wedding photos. As word of the town's charms spread further afield, this atmospheric town is now lively at peak season, but its hubbub is both enjoyable and low profile, a world away from the likes of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. A selection of luxury hotels have sprung up, though its UNESCO status has ensured these are in keeping with the town's architectural character. There are exclusive discounts to be had in Hoi An, as there are in the rest of Vietnam.

Custom made in Hoi An

Another word which has become synonymous with Hoi An is bespoke. Hoi An enjoys a reputation as a town of talented tailors and leathersmiths, with most offering 24 to 48 hour services. Be sure to check reviews online, keep a smile on your face and enjoy the process. Remember that the bargaining can be fun too!

Many contemplating taking their holidays in Vietnam conjure up images of the magnificent Halong Bay, but note that its fame has led to it being awash with tourists and tour operators all year round. Hoi An, meanwhile, translates as 'peaceful meeting place', and few offer a more delightful, unique and memorable short stay. An intoxicating selection of handpicked hotels awaits you, with all boasting incredible discounts. Sign up to the site today and mull them over as you settle in with a hot drink and plan your next escape.

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