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Holidays to the Philippines

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Holidays to the Philippines

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Philippines holidays are more fun

Enjoy luxury holidays to the Philippines with Voyage Prive and discover this breathtakingly beautiful tropical paradise; book online today.

The Philippines has something for everyone

The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 topical islands. It's a beach lover's dream, a rainforest fanatic's haven, a city slicker's sanctuary. On the island of Boracay, in the centre of the Philippines, you will find beaches to soak up the sun on during the day and plenty of bars and clubs to party in all night. But if you prefer the quiet life then picture perfect Palawan, in the east, with its white sandy beaches and crystal clear water surrounded by limestone cliffs, is for you. The rainforest of Luzon harbours more than 3,500 species of plants and animals and is well worth an explore for anyone looking for a bit of wildlife. If you are more keen on your home comforts then the sprawling metropolises of Manila and Cebu have plenty to offer. Manila is the capital of the Philippines and Cebu is described as the Philippines' second city. Both are 24 hour cities so vibrant you can't help but be caught up in the excitement of them.

Eat your way around the Philippines

The Philippines is unique in south-east Asia because of the historical mix of colonialism it was faced with. Spanish rule left an indelible mark, which can still be felt today as it is an overwhelmingly Catholic country which loves a fiesta; however, the imprint of the American rule that followed can also be widely seen and felt. Nowhere is the influence of other cultures on the Philippines more apparent than in their food. Filipino food is amazingly flavourful, with something to suit all tastes, but it is in the Filipino take on American and Spanish food that the most joy can be found.

Keep your eyes peeled

Alongside stunning landscapes and delicious morsels, the Philippines also has an attraction for every tourist's taste. Whether it's the Old Town in Manila, scuba diving and snorkelling, museums and art galleries, boat trips and fishing, fine dining, volcano climbing, all night drinking, all day trekking, mega malls, market stalls, private cars and jeepneys: there's a wealth of things to do.

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