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Vietnam is a destination of so many contrasts. Take advantage of one our great deals to Vietnam and discover it’s enchanting personality for yourself, whether in the chaos of the cities, the simplicity of the rural areas or the beauty of the rugged coastline.

Welcome to Vietnam

The name Vietnam has become synonymous with the war in the 1970s, and yet from a troubled and turbulent period, modern Vietnam has emerged like a phoenix from the flames. Our Vietnam holiday deals give you the opportunity to experience the beauty that is this part of Asia, with spectacular scenery that takes you from coast to city to agricultural outposts, where you can observe historical treasures from many decades along the way. The Vietnamese people are friendly and warm, tourism is a key part of the economy and tourists are welcomed warmly.

Travelling through Vietnam

In southern Vietnam, you will discover Ho Chi Minh City, a modern vibrant place that tells you much about the country’s recent history. It is situated on the Saigon river, which you can explore by boat. The almost fabled Mekong river, one of Asia’s largest rivers, is a beautiful companion. Central Vietnam boasts some absolutely stunning landscapes, with mountains and coast roads running together to create a breathtaking backdrop to your travels. The city of Hanoi is to the north, and its lakes, parks and wide roads all contribute to its charm. The scenery becomes more dramatic with mountain passes through limestone cliffs and rice paddies – a traditional rural scene almost unchanged in centuries. Halong Bay boasts sparkling, clear, almost emerald waters; this mysterious bay has over 3000 tiny islands with striking rocks, beautiful grottos and undiscovered beaches. UNESCO has designated the bay a world heritage site, and it easy to see why. Among all this, a great holiday deal to Vietnam, in one of our handpicked hotels, gives you the opportunity for ultimate relaxation on the most beautiful beaches that will find the country has over 2000km of stunning coastline.

Key Sights

Once you've decided to take the opportunity of one of our Vietnam deals these are the highlights you shouldn't miss! In the cities discover the culture in The Old Quarter of Hanoi, and explore Hoi An, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Join in with the hustle of the main market in Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Thanh Market. Don’t miss the network of Cu Chi Tunnels, which you can walk and crawl through, and relax as you enjoy Ha Long Bay with its enchanting waters, islands and grottos, before finding the ultimate relaxation on Vietnam’s stunning beaches.

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