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Experience this Asian city-state: Singapore holidays

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The iconic island city-state of south-east Asia, Singapore is a cross-cultural paradise for holiday-goers looking for an experience they will never forget. Tourists can indulge in a mix of the modern and traditional, from breathtaking skyscrapers to ancient temples and glistening pools to beautiful forests.

Festivities and fun all year round

The modern melting pot of Singapore has become a place of inclusivity and celebration for many south-east Asian communities, which you can enjoy as part of our many holiday package deals. As one of the biggest calendar events, Singapore is famed for its Chinese New Year celebrations, with residents breaking through the streets in colour. Tourists can also partake in festivities such as Thaipusam, Vesek Day, Hari Raya Puasa and much more throughout the year. There is always a party where everyone is welcome. If you're not looking for fireworks, there is a breadth of choice in entertainment throughout the island, from the Marina Bay Sands theatre to Madame Tussauds on Sentosa Island.

Sample the delights of Singaporean cuisine and beyond

Singapore has become famed as a hotspot for gourmet cuisine, five-star restaurants and popular food festivals. A must-see destination for foodies, there are many culinary adventures to be had, including the Singapore Food Festival, World Gourmet Summit and an array of dishes from across Asia at the Hawker Centre open-air events. A stop at the long bar in the world-renowned Raffles Hotel is also recommended, where guests can relax and enjoy an original Singapore Sling.

A cultural haven for the intellectual traveller

Singapore balances its sleek, glamorous exterior with its deep, cultural heritage. Among your tours of awe-inspiring architecture and luxurious pools, including Asia's largest pool at the Fairmont, there is much to discover within the heart of the state. Add an educational element to your holiday by visiting one of many museums, including the National Museum, Art Science Museum and Asian Civilisations Museum, and learn about Singapore's rich history from ancient eras through the colonial period to its present day.

Exciting sights for the intrepid explorer

For those who like to be at one with nature, Singapore offers a range of hotspots, from the MacRitchie Nature Reservoir to Singapore Botanical Gardens. A tour of the 101-hectare Gardens At The Bay comes highly recommended, with thousands of tourists left stunned by the futuristic Supertree Grove. Enjoy Singapore not only through its forests and wildlife, but off-shore too, and take a trip along the river in a Singaporean 'bum boat'. There are very few destination in the world that offer the diversity and excitement of Singapore. As popular a destination for city breakers as it is for backpackers, there truly is something for everyone here.

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