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Explore what St Petersburg has to offer and lose yourself in the beautifully ornate boulevards that make up the city's extravagant street network. Book online with us today for an unforgettable summer 2018 break or start planning your next winter escape.

When one thinks of St Petersburg, usually images of chilly travellers stood beneath the towering colour explosion of intricate churches spring to mind. Yet St Petersburg represents much more than that. Located in a country which is the only land to share borders with Europe and Asia, St Petersburg boasts a rich cultural history. Conveniently located in Western Russia, it is one of the more accessible cities in the country and features both traditional Russian Orthodox style architechture and European influenced buildings. It is known after all for being the 'Window on the west' as declared by Peter the Great whom the city is named after.

Throughout your trip to St Petersburg you will be provided with the utmost luxury, which is mirrored by such a gracious and elegant cityscape. Your trip will take you back to 1703 when Peter the Great established the city as you stroll from the city's renowned highlights: St Isaac's Cathedral, The Saviour on the Spilled Blood and the St Peter & Paul Fortress. Whatever the time of year, you can make stops along the sightseeing tour for traditional Russian refreshments.

Indulge in traditional Russian cusine with a lavish twist

Russia's cuisine mirrors its rich cultural history, fraught with harsh winters and severe summertime temperatures. Usually, Russian dishes are prepared with meat, an abundance of vegetables and aromatic herbs. For winter visits, stock up on Beef Stroganoff, savoury pancakes and warm Borscht and of course Pelmeni which include a variety of fillings: sweet jam, savoury cheese or vegetables for the vegetarian traveller. Summer visitors can feast on a lighter lunch of Pirozhki: light buns stuffed with cabbage, meat or fruits.

Following an evening of Russian cultural entertainment in one of St Petersburg's many theatres, explore the city's lively evening scene during which the streets are filled with people and jazz music seeps out of cosy underground bars. Meet locals or fellow travellers over tiny cups of Russian vodka or non-alcoholic Kvas, a traditional drink made from bread before winding down in your own piece of luxury St Petersburg accommodation. All of our hotel rooms are carefully handpicked, providing you with only the finest luxury experience so you can make the most of our exclusive prices and discounts.

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