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The cultural heart of the Americas

Cuba was the first place Christopher Columbus encountered when he sailed to the Americas, and Havana became an important port for the Spanish from the 16th century onward. A springboard into the New world and an important crossroads between Europe and America, Havana has always been at the centre of global events and eventually became incredibly rich as ships passed from one continent to the other.

In terms of history and culture, Havana is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Old Havana has been made into a UNESCO world heritage site and, in 2015, the metropolis made it to the New7wonders city list. If you want a luxury Havana holiday that combines a tropical climate with dazzling curiosities, look no further than Havana. Havana is devastatingly beautiful and infused with the colourful passion of the Cuban people.

Havana's astounding gastronomical revolution

Apart from being famous for its passion and historical importance, Havana is also well known for its revolutionary spirit. However, currently, the city is experiencing a different type of revolution, a culinary boom. The traditional African, Caribbean and Spanish influences of Cuban cuisine are being fused with new gourmet ideas from around the world. The well-travelled Cubans have sought out the best dishes and brought them back to the heart of Havana. Try the new paladares (bistros) to immerse yourself in a wonderful array of Cuban treats on offer.

Best luxury accommodation in Latin America for your Havana holiday

Once you've had your fill of Cuban culinary thrills, make sure you fully appreciate the fabulous building of Havana. The architecture of Havana is perhaps the most remarkable to be found in Latin America. In Old Havana, you can wander for hours through the narrow streets bordered by gorgeous colonial buildings that simply burst with colour, balconies and activity. The city’s old baroque colonial design blends beautifully with the art nouveau and art-deco styles from the early 20th century. The eclectic design will blow your mind and what's better is that there is astounding luxury accommodation to be found in the heart of this magical architectural feast. Don’t miss the symbolic Covento de Santa Clara and wonderful Plaza de la cathedral. If you ever tire of the never-ending magic of the streets, escape to the Malecón, the seafront walkway that looks out onto the Caribbean sea, this is a popular meeting point for Cubans to drink, chat and fish.

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