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Puerto Rico Holidays 2024

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Located on the farthest edge of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has everything a sun-seeker could need in an island paradise. Surrounded by beautiful blue ocean yet a cosmopolitan haven, enjoy great offers on Puerto Rico holidays with Voyage Prive.

City fun and country relaxation

From the grand old colonial style of Puerto Rico, you may have the impression of a sleepy, old-fashioned city - but you'd be wrong. There is definitely a stately side to it, and you can't fail to be impressed by a sunset over the old colonial fort: Still keeping watch over the Caribbean sea. But Puerto Rico is most famous for its vital and vibrant Latin culture, to be found in any of the old bars, cafes and eateries strewn about the capital.

On top of that, there's just as much fun to be had outside San Juan. The island is dotted by beautiful nature reserves, with some of the best unspoiled wilderness that any of the Caribbean islands have to offer. So whether you're a trekker or an animal lover, there's thousands of acres to explore. Surrounded on all sides by pearly white beaches, there's bound to be a secluded cove around every corner for a romantic swim.

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Catch the land and sea

Just about every square inch of coastline that Puerto Rico possesses is good for snorkelling, with all the variety of tropical species, corals and animals you'd expect of the Caribbean. Beautiful rock formations, shallow seas and clear waters make it a swimmer's paradise - but off-shore there are even more wonders to be found. Puerto Rico's outlying islands are virtually untouched by man, and Vieques and Culebra (the Spanish Virgin Islands) boast the best snorkelling in the whole Caribbean according to experts.

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And while there's plenty of fish underwater to see, you're also going to want to sample the ones out of the water and on your plate. It almost goes without saying that Puerto Rico is home to excellent seafood, but it's the sheer variety and quality that takes your breath away. From Swordfish to Tuna, blue and white Marlin to Sailfish - there's a huge variety of the world's biggest and tastiest. Generally famous for its cuisine, you can't go to Puerto Rico without trying some of the famous roast pork - traditionally roasted, smoked or grilled outside on homemade spits above open fires.

The Caribbean story

While splashing in the sea, hiking cliffs or dancing the night away - it's easy to forget that Puerto Rico is one of the earliest European settlements in the Americas. Jutting out into the Atlantic, it has been a trading hub and a tempting target for rival European empires, pirates and smugglers for centuries. From its immaculate Spanish-inspired cobbled streets to its grand colonial hotels and public buildings - San Juan is every inch the fairytale colonial capital.

Visit the museums, climb atop the sea forts and learn about the colonial 'great game' that played out across the Caribbean over the last 400 years. A fusion of Spanish, African and American cultures, Puerto Rico is truly unlike any place in the world. Sign up to access exclusive handpicked deals on Puerto Rico holidays at a selection of luxury hotels on the island, or in many other locations around the world.

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