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Holidays to Barbados 2021/2022

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Barbados features incredible sporting events, scenic golf courses and numerous historic homes, making it a bucket-list holiday destination. If you are an avid surfer, you will definitely love Barbados. Furthermore, the beautiful sandy beaches, the friendly Barbadians, and the turquoise water make this a dreamy holiday destination. Whether you’re planning to visit with friends, family or a lover, you will fall in love with Barbados.

The top 5 things to see/do in Barbados

1. Enjoy your day at the Carlisle Bay beaches

Tamarind by Elegant Hotels 4*

This is one of the most spectacular locations in Barbados that you should not miss out on. Located just on the edge of Bridgetown, the bay features long stretches of turquoise waters and picturesque beaches. These havens of relaxation are perfect for setting out a beach chair and taking in the gentle ocean breeze. Also, make sure you find the pebble beach along the stretches, which is great for swimming or a gentle paddle.

2. Take time to explore the Animal Flower Cave

Lying at the northern section of Barbados is the Animal Flower Cave. It is an idyllic location to visit, not just because of the caves but also due to the incredibly breathtaking views from the lookout located above the cave. After climbing a short staircase, you will find yourself in a unique cave with large natural openings for natural lighting. Therefore, this is not a claustrophobia-inducing experience.

3. Visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Spending time at the wildlife reserve will allow you to appreciate some of the wildlife there, including the green monkeys. Watching the green monkeys interact with other wildlife and bug the tortoises is an entertaining and fulfilling experience. Furthermore, you can also check out the shaded trails meandering through the dense mahogany forest, leading to a tranquil park. This is a wonderful spot to take photos to preserve your precious memories.

4. Experience a Friday night at Oistins

Barbados Beach Club

The nightlife in Barbados is also pretty interesting, especially on Friday nights. You can enjoy Oistin’s Friday Fish Fry. They prepare locally caught fish delicacies, and you get to enjoy them straight from the grill. It is up to you to choose the fish vendor you please from the many available. There are also various side dishes to enjoy. You will appreciate the Barbadian gastronomic delights all in one evening.

5. Explore the Farley Hill National Park

Discover the dramatic views of the overgrown trees, vines and the remains of the house on Farley Hill. Believed to have been completed in 1818, the great house remained occupied for years before it started decaying in the 1940s. However, in the mid-1950s, it was restored for use as a filming centre. Due to the use of combustible materials, it was destroyed in a fire. After this, it was acquired by the government and converted into a museum in 1965.

Our best hotels in Barbados

1. The House by Elegant Hotels 5*

The House by Elegant Hotels 5*

Enjoy your stay at this award-winning resort situated on the west coast of Barbados. The adult-only resort is suitable for couples and honeymooners looking to have the time of their lives. You will enjoy gentle views of the lush gardens and taste fine delicacies.

2. Crystal Cove by Elegant Hotels 4*

Crystal Cove by Elegant Hotels 4*

This is a resort offering the ideal intimate feel, featuring incredible facilities, including complimentary water sports, 3-tiered swimming pools and a Dine Around programme. Located on a clifftop, guests here benefit from spectacular views of the sandy beach on the edge of Bridgetown.

3. Port Ferdinand Marina and Luxury Residences 5*

Port Ferdinand Marina and Luxury Residences 5*

If you want to enjoy scenic views of Barbados from a luxurious hotel, consider coming here. You'll enjoy an outstanding stay, thanks to the balconies overlooking the marina, superb suites and the proximity to pleasant nightlife spots. The beautifully designed and spacious rooms add to the charm of this hotel.

4. Radisson Aquatica Resort 4* & Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa 4*

Radisson Aquatica Resort 4* & Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa 4*

This is a lovely hotel offering a wide range of incredible facilities, helpful and friendly staff and views overlooking the gentle waters of the Barbadian Sea. Furthermore, this resort offers a variety of local and international cuisines to ensure that your palate is satisfied.

5. Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels 4*

Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels 4*

An all-suite resort delivering fantastic leisure facilities, Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels is a terrific accommodation option for those visiting Barbados on holiday. Guests can enjoy complimentary non-motorised water sports and a host of other daily activities.

When is the best time to go on holiday in Barbados?

Fewer crowds and lower accommodation prices are available in off-peak times, which are from June to August. During these times, you will get easier access to the water sports, which are very popular in Barbados. If you don't mind company, consider visiting during the peak holiday season from mid-December to mid-April, when the weather is perfect.

Going on holiday in Barbados

Getting a flight to Barbados is relatively easy since you can get flights from all over the world. Various airlines have regular services to Barbados, including Air Canada, American Airlines and British Airways. You can get around Barbados conveniently through a rental car service or tour company.

Enjoy your holiday in Barbados

Barbados Beach Club

Barbados is the perfect holiday destination for a fun family holiday, a group of friends, honeymooners or solo travellers. Barbados holidays are dreamy and unforgettable, no matter what kind of traveller you are. You can enjoy the ultimate relaxation or opt for action-packed, fun-filled thrills and spills.

The Voyage Privé travel expert’s opinion on Barbados

Every aspect of Barbados has a story to tell. Every delicacy is a celebration, and every day you will experience something new and discover hidden gems. When you visit Barbados, you will collect memories to last you a lifetime. We recommend visiting this idyllic location at least once in your lifetime to enjoy the exciting activities, discover the unique island's heritage, explore the culture and taste the gastronomical delights on offer.

Spend time in the cultural capital of Bridgetown

Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels 4*

The island’s capital of Bridgetown, along with being an active port, was also announced as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012. This city, known to the locals as ‘the city’ or more simply ‘town’, is a great point to begin your Barbados holidays. Steeped in rich history and culture, there is a mixture of new and old, reflected in the colonial buildings sitting next to modern apartment blocks.

With the dramatic Parliament buildings and the Barbados National Heroes Gallery, there is something for everyone, particularly in downtown Bridgetown. If shopping is on your agenda then head to Broad St and the pedestrian only Swan St, where you can spend some cash and soak in the rhythms of local life.

Head south to the beach paradise of Oistins

An active fishing port on the south coast, the sandy white beaches awaken at weekends with a flurry of visitors enjoying late nights.

Miami beach, a popular hangout for visiting tourists, offers spectacular views and crystal clear waters, making it an ideal spot to relax and unwind on your Barbados holidays. In Oistins, you can watch the local fishermen taking to their boats in the early morning and returning in the afternoon with a successful catch, an important industry on the island.

Head west to the small parish town of Holetown

Port Ferdinand Marina and Luxury Residences 5*

Chosen as the first settlement on Barbados is the small town of Holetown in the parish of Saint James. A key destination on any Barbados holiday, the Holetown monument located in the town commemorates the first English landing in 1625.

An annual Holetown festival celebrates local crafts, music and features historic parades. A boardwalk stretching along the coast, afternoon strolls enjoying the sea breezes and days enjoying the tropical beaches can all be experienced in a visit to Holetown.

Whether you are after a cultural city break stuffed with historic buildings and colonial streets, or a relaxing beach holiday on one of the many idyllic beaches, your Barbados holiday will surely be memorable.

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