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Grenada holidays: the perfect island escape

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The spice-infused island of Grenada is one of the Caribbean’s most laidback and pretty options. With lush inland vegetation, waterfalls and amazing white sand beaches, this is the ideal place to book a five-star getaway.

Gorgeous Grenada: the perfect escape destination

Grenada is a relatively small country, made up of one main island and a number of smaller ones. At 350 square km, a couple of weeks in Grenada is plenty of time to truly explore every corner. In Grenada, it’s not common to rush; instead, enjoy the island slowly and peacefully, breathing in the scent of nutmeg and other spices as you do.

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St Georges: the cultural and historic core of Grenada

The island’s capital, St Georges, is flanked by lush hills and overlooked by two historic forts, Frederick and George. This harbour city is frequently cited as the prettiest in the whole of the Caribbean. The pace of life remains laidback, even in the centre of town. Cafes, shops, bars and restaurants fill the narrow streets and squares, along with historic buildings dating from both French and British colonial rule. Be sure to visit the lively Market Square to buy food and soak up the culture, as well as the National Museum, which provides insight to the island’s fascinating past.

Grenada is a land of beaches and waterfalls

The secluded bay at Grooms Beach boasts fine white sand and is a great option for those looking to escape the crowds. Head to Levera Beach in the north of the main island for far reaching views of the Grenadines or enjoy excellent amenities, shops, restaurants and bars at Grand Anse, the country’s main resort area. Grand Anse is home to a number of luxury hotels and is a popular place to stay.

There are many activities and things to do during your stay on this island. Go scuba diving at the Underwater Sculpture Park at Molinière Bay. Find out more about the nutmeg growing industry at the Nutmeg Processing Cooperative, about cocoa, the island’s main crop, at the organic Belmont Estate, or about rum distilling at the River Antoine Rum Distillery. Take a ferry to Sandy Island and enjoy a day of snorkelling in the shallow turquoise waters, which are abundant with marine life. Finally, take a trip along the Concord River to view the island’s finest waterfalls, or head to the Annandale Falls close to Grand Anse, where an inviting freshwater lake will cool you down.

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