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Discover where to stay in the United States with Voyage Prive and immerse yourself in the glamour of Las Vegas, or the varied and breathtaking natural scenery; book unique accommodation at Voyage Prive.

Something for everybody in the Good Ol’ USA

If you’re looking for United States getaways then you already know there is a vast amount of choice, and the only limit to your vacation in North America is your imagination. This is the home of Hollywood, Walt Disney, some of the biggest sporting franchises and some of the biggest cities in the world. So whatever you’re into, from the movies through to old-school Jazz or Country & Western, there’s a city for you in the Good Ol’ USA. Where to stay? It all depends on your particular passion.

Los Angeles and Orlando are two of the most popular holiday destinations for families, and they have become entertainment and tourism hubs in their own right. Both cities have something for the whole family, from theme parks through to the finest restaurants, and of course the beach isn’t far away.

Sin City?...

If you’re looking to stay somewhere a little adult, then there is always Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, and the home of some of the world’s most dramatic hotels and the infamous Strip. If Vegas is a touch glitzy for your tastes then you can always visit Palm Springs, Santa Monica or San Diego to enjoy a beachfront vacation with some of the finest food on offer. America has managed to absorb almost every culture on the planet and has one of the most eclectic culinary scenes in the world, so foodies will be more than happy with the variety, quality and quantity on offer.

...Or somewhere more natural?

The United States doesn’t end there, of course; there are vast tracts of land that offer every kind of holiday you could dream of. You can ski in Aspen, hike in the Rocky mountains or hit the desert in a dune buggy in Death Valley. You can go horseback riding in Texas or play golf at Augusta. We haven’t even mentioned Hawaii, or the frozen wasteland of Alaska.

There is literally a holiday for everybody in North America and a city or resort to suit every mood, taste and temperature. So sign up to our site, check out our exclusive handpicked hotels and get ready to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

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