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Book last minute deals to Las Vegas with Voyage Prive and discover more about this city’s exhilarating casinos, all-night entertainment and spectacular blockbuster shows.

Las Vegas is full of life, lights and world-famous chapels of love

The city of Las Vegas nestles on the edge of the desert in Nevada, meaning it enjoys long, hot days and cooler nights with very little rain. It calls itself the entertainment capital of the world and with its high-end hotels, all-night casinos, and unique tourist attractions, it’s easy to see why.

The city of neon and bright lights has all the delights of a town that knows how to have fun but is also surrounded by the majesty of nature’s exquisite beauty. It’s just a helicopter ride from the Grand Canyon and well-known for being a destination to remember.

Las Vegas is the world’s best destinations, all rolled into one

Visitors to Las Vegas are always dazzled by the vibrancy and diversity of the famous Las Vegas strip. This 2.5-mile-long row of casinos, restaurants and entertainment venues sits on the edge of the city and is a must-see at least once in your life. You’ll be titillated and amused by the street entertainment, dancing fountains and glowing street signs lighting you to great food and busy gambling tables.

The Strip’s hotels offer more than just luxurious accommodation. Step inside the Venetian Hotel and enjoy their cheeky recreation of gondola rides and Venice’s own Bridge of Sighs. Or wonder over the scale model of the Eiffel Tower outside the Paris Hotel. That’s without even mentioning New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, Rome’s Trevi Fountain or Cairo’s Sphinx – all of which make an appearance on the Strip’s parade of delights.

Cruises and touring trips are a great way to get the best out of an American holiday

If you’re interested in taking a trip to Las Vegas then there are a huge variety of exclusive deals on offer. We can give our members exceptional prices on trips which allow you to take a luxurious cruise to both exotic and tropical Hawaii, and the buzzing metropolis of Las Vegas. Or, if you have a sense of adventure, take a tour around the majestic Grand Canyon alongside the mega casinos of Nevada’s Sin City.

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