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Enjoy luxury holidays to Goa with Voyage Prive and discover tropical beaches and exciting wildlife in India's hottest ticket; book online today

Experience the incredible biodiversity of India in Goa

For many, India is synonymous with hustle and bustle, chaotic traffic, and non-stop noise. But be prepared to be amazed. Goa is the complete antithesis to all your preconceptions about India as a whole. Goa is extremely chilled-out and laid back, it is ideal for couples wanting to explore incredible areas of the world. It also practically runs on different time to the rest of the country. It is an area of world-famous biodiversity, so it's easy to get back to nature and discover something new with one our holidays to Goa.

Feel the sand between your toes in breathtaking Goa

Goa is a small state on the West coast of India. To the north is Maharashtra and to the east and south is Karnataka, both states with an incredible array of ancient sites and a fascinating history. To the west there's nothing but the beautiful Arabian Sea. Perfect for surfing, relaxing and letting your imagination run wild.
But what Goa lacks in size it more than makes up for in variety. Wander round the Portuguese-era colonial buildings or go diving off the coast. The south of Goa is known for its hedonistic nightlife, but you can always take a boat ride up to the tranquil north to rest on a quiet, palm-lined beach.

Discover inner peace in the sunshine

Goa is famous for attracting people from all over the world to participate in Yoga and Ayurvedic practices. Our holidays to Goa can help you learn more about yourself, engage in types of meditation that have been around for millennia, and truly forget about the 9 to 5. From luxury spa treatments to challenging Yoga classes our holidays to Goa offer exceptional discounts and exclusive prices.

Taste the four corners of the Earth

Tempt yourself with one of the most diverse regional cuisines in India. Goan cuisine takes influence from a number of different places, such as cashew nuts brought over from Brazil by the Portuguese. Delight in a wealth of seafood, caught fresh daily. Taste the vegetarian curries that so many natives make in their own homes every day. There are a number of spice farms to visit, with locals eager to share the secrets behind a truly sumptuous array of dishes, from fish curry to sweet pickles, with plenty of tropical coconut and mango to boot.

We welcome you to soak in the year-round sunshine in a variety of luxury accommodation. From boutique beach-huts, to swanky all-inclusive hotels. Whether you want to challenge your body, or repair it, Goa really has it all. Make Goa your next destination.

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