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Explore Europe's hidden gem with Macedonia holidays

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Packed with the natural beauty of mountains, lakes and rivers, plus a rich cultural heritage, our great deals on Macedonia holidays are the perfect way to unravel this mysterious gem of southeastern Europe.

Discover stunning scenery and historic buildings

Situated at the heart of the former Ottoman Empire, with Greece to the south and Bulgaria to the east, there's plenty to explore on holidays to Macedonia. Book last-minute deals to Macedonia and discover more about this country’s unique heritage and culture. You can immerse yourself in this country's diverse history visiting the many archaeological sites whilst also enjoying the beaches and the many picturesque mountain and fishing villages.

With our handpicked deals on Macedonia holidays, you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty and ancient charm of this unique part of Europe. Perfect for a relaxing romantic getaway or an action-packed family break, you will find a great selection of luxurious hotels whatever your needs. Whether its a stunning lake view or historic surroundings, you will find a hotel to amaze and delight.

Discover inspiring and exciting cities

Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, stands on the banks of the Vardar River, and if you love coming face to face with history, it offers ample opportunity with its many archaeological remains. These include the ancient Skopje aqueduct and, in the city's Old Bazaar, many wonderful examples of Ottoman architecture. The delightful city of Ohrid stands on the shores of Lake Ohrid and here you will discover many magnificent and historic churches, monasteries and other significant buildings. Also renowned for its archaeological sites, you can enjoy shopping on Širok Sokak, a pedestrian street packed with fascinating shops and restaurants. Don't miss the ancient city of Štip which has existed for at least two thousand years and where you can partake of the healing waters of the Kežovica Mineral Spa.

Visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Markovi Kuli or Marko's Tower, outside of Prilep. You will gaze upon extensive and fascinating Roman remains, including an early basilica. See even further back into the past by visiting Kuklica where you can see one hundred and twenty naturally formed stone pillars which are thought to be over ten million years old.

Surround yourself with natural beauty

The lovely Republic of Macedonia has three stunning national parks and thirty-three nature reserves. Everywhere you go you will find an abundance of natural beauty. When you visit Mavrovo, the largest of the national parks, prepare to be enraptured by lush river valleys, majestic waterfalls, plunging gorges and mysterious caves. At the summit of the impressive Baba mountain, you will discover an enchanting pair of glacial lakes known as Gorski O?i or mountain eyes. Visit the Ezereni Bird Sanctuary, located on the northern shore of Lake Prespa and discover the one hundred and twenty different bird species that live there.

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