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Book online at Voyage Prive and enjoy a weekend in Bulgaria, a country where golden beaches rival soul-stirring mountains, whilst cities are alive with art and nightlife. Enjoy all this with luxurious accommodation. Book online today.

Go high up in Bulgaria’s mountainous regions

Start your weekend above the clouds. If you love the great outdoors, then Bulgaria is the perfect destination. You’ll have plenty of adventures to choose from regardless of the season thanks to the wonderful range of mountains throughout the west of the country. One popular area is the Strandja Mountains where you'll be greeted with stunning scenery. It's a supersized national park, packed with steep limestone cliffs, ancient forests and winding rivers are home to a brilliant variety of animals, including golden eagles, gheckos, wildcats and there's a full network of natural springs and caves to discover too. If you're interested in discovering history, then you can explore the ancient Thracian and Roman ruins.

Step back in time at St Methodius Cathedral and St Cyril

St Methodius and St Cyril were scholars, brothers and monks who developed the Cyrillic alphabet. In Bourgas, the cathedral named after them was built in 1926 to glorify their hard work and it's located in the same area as the ruined ancient city of Veliki Preslav, which means you can explore that too. If you would like more cultural fixes, then take a trip to Varna and you have got some of the cultural heavyweights of Bulgaria. The best in the complex is the Roman baths, which date back to the second century. A wonderful place to discover history and culture.

Experience a mud bath in Pomorie

It's said that the mud located on the banks of Lake Pomorie can cure anything, so if you're in need of the ultimate relaxation, then a trip here is the perfect solution. In fact, the inhabitants of this town believed the mud was so valuable, the whole lake was thought to be sacred. Today the mud baths are a much more glamorous affair, you can take your pick from a couple of ultra-modern spas and soak in style. After your day of relaxation, head off to a traditional Bulgarian restaurant and indulge in some local cuisine, such as Banitsa, Kebapche, Shopska salad and the Bulgarian version of Moussaka.

If you are in search of a luxury holiday within a sun-kissed destination, then a weekend break to Bulgaria will deliver everything you need. When you book with us, you'll experience luxury with our hand-picked deals showcasing exceptional deals and discounts. Don't miss out on these deals and sign up today to gain instant access to these exclusive discounts on a weekend break to Bulgaria.

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