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Discover where to stay in Austria and immerse yourself in the elegant cities and picturesque countryside; book unique and luxurious accommodation with Voyage Prive.

Explore enviable landscapes and stunning cities

Vienna is widely regarded as an excellent tourist destination due to its beauty and sophistication. With its exciting culinary offerings, impressive imperial palaces, unrivalled classical music scene, and idyllic parks, the Austrian capital has plenty of attractions and activities to keep visitors occupied, whether they are visiting on short weekend breaks or lengthy getaways. However, you should avoid allowing the appeal of the capital city to blind you to what the rest of the nation has to offer! The surrounding country boasts some of the world’s most famous ski resorts, as well as unbeatable summer hiking trails, and a range of other cities and villages which are truly deserving of attention.

Consider a city break – Vienna is far from the only option!

Though Vienna is the most notable of Austria’s city break destinations, there are alternative options which should absolutely not be ignored. Salzburg offers excellent access to nearby ski resorts, as well as attractions such as the impressive Festung Hohengsalzburg, the iconic clifftop military fortress which boasts incredible views. Innsbruck should equally be considered as a holiday destination – few cities are set in so scenic a location as this! Graz and Linz are perhaps more similar to Vienna in their offerings of art and culture, with Graz providing impressive renaissance architecture, while Linz offers everything Austrian, though perhaps with a more modern spin.

Discover hearty cuisine, and recipes you will want to recreate at home

Whether you find yourself in the heart of the country’s capital, or high in the Austrian Alps, you will likely find a number of the same hearty dishes. It would, for example, seem somehow wrong to end a stay in Austria without trying a traditional Wiener schnitzel, conventionally made from a cut of veal. Many dishes, such as schnitzel, are found across the country, while others are specific to smaller regions. Tiroler Gröstl, for example, is a single pan fry-up comprising potato, onion and bacon, which can found in the Tirol region, best known for its extensive skiing and hiking options. Hearty meals such as this are understandably typical of Austria’s mountain regions. Just be sure to leave room for dessert, as Austria excels in the field of sweet treats!

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