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Luxury beach holidays in the Seychelles

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Enjoy luxury holidays to the Seychelles with us and discover stunning beaches in a tropical paradise. Book online today.

Peaceful, natural relaxation with Seychelles holidays

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Make the most of the sun all year round with luxury beach holidays in the stunning Seychelles. Located off East Africa, this series of 115 beautiful islands are popular with independent travellers, romantic getaways and honeymoons, and for families looking for a different kind of adventure. From capital city Victoria to the remote Outer Isles, each part of this island nation offers something different and unique.

Luxury holidays in the Seychelles

Beautiful and natural, the Seychelles is very popular with honeymooners and also for destination weddings. With 305 miles of coast to choose from, travellers seeking sun holidays will be very happy on the pure white sands. Underwater activities are also very popular in the Seychelles. The islands are home to six National Marine Parks, offering diving and snorkelling, so visitors can meet the local underwater life and explore the stunning coral reefs.

Onshore, guests of the Seychelles are recommended to try the local grilled octopus - an exceptional delicacy. Seafood and BBQ meats are among the many tasty offerings in the Seychelles. Island life blends a range of cultures and influences, including French, British, Asian and African. Visit during summer and autumn to watch the islands' carnivals and festivals, or visit during the quiet winter to explore the culture of the cities more deeply.

Choose the Seychelles for beach holidays

If you prefer to see the waters while staying dry, yachting is a popular activity in the Seychelles. Charter routes operate around most of the islands, with tours available for those who want to see the sights. A series of beach-side resorts adorn the most popular islands: perfect for those who prefer all-inclusive luxury holidays. The renowned Four Seasons chain operates here, while Mahe Island is home to the exclusive Kempinski Seychelles Resort. Seychelles holidays would be incomplete without a visit to the islands' inland areas, which feature dramatic mountain ranges, luscious tropical plants and exciting wildlife.

Whether you are travelling with the family, on a romantic getaway or embarking on a solo adventure, luxury holidays in the Seychelles are an unforgettable experience. You can find more information on trips and make your booking today with our experienced agents. Contact us today for exclusive deals and to arrange the trip of a lifetime.

Explore the stunning, sun-drenched Seychelles

There’s nowhere else on Earth that’s quite like the Seychelles. With a combination of island hopping, blue seas, pristine beaches and deluxe resorts, this archipelago has some truly inspiring features. This is a dreamlike place, resembling the images of paradise seen in movies and on postcards, while still offering discounted luxury holidays for savvy travellers.

Holidays in the Seychelles are the real deal, from the palm trees and white sands to the jungle walks surrounded by exotic wildlife. Between family run guesthouses and top-quality resorts, there are plenty of ideal places to stay for both families and couples. Those seeking adventure will not be disappointed.

Seychelles holidays : Discover the unique treasures of the islands

Though the Seychelles have a reputation of exclusivity and extravagance, it is possible to find discounted holidays to the islands. From the oceans to the mountains, a great deal of the Seychelles’ charm comes from their natural wonders, which are free to enjoy. The island of Mahé is a great place to start, with the iconic granite mountain of Morne Seychellois in the centre. Mahé is the largest island of the Seychelles, featuring the capital city of Victoria and the majority of the archipelago’s population.

The interior of Mahé is marked by the mountain’s national park, a pristine and expansive natural wonder which can only be reached by exciting walking trails. For those who prefer to stay in civilisation, Victoria has all the sights and sounds of an exotic city. Visitors will find a bustling shopping district here, with local markets full of curiosities and modern plazas. This city blends new developments with fascinating historical buildings to give a mixture of comfort and exploration.

Find endless distractions in the Seychelles

You’ll save money on holidays to the Seychelles with our handpicked offers, leaving you free to enjoy the many activities that the islands offer. Those looking for a truly far-flung experience will love the Bird Island Lodge, where a set of chalets nestle among hundreds of wild birds. The human footprint is minimal here, leaving you alone with nature, including amazing giant turtles.

On the island of Praslin, thrill seekers can find the Valleé de Mai, a thick forest teeming with life and almost unique in the world, thanks to the presence of natural coco de mer palms. Up the adrenaline with wild boat rides, or go snorkelling to see the denizens of the deep in some of the clearest blue waters in the world. Find out more about these wonders and our exclusive prices by signing up today. For those who want to unwind in a real slice of paradise, the Seychelles are the ideal choice.

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