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Enjoy luxury holidays to Hong Kong with Voyage Privé and discover the iconic skyline and a community where colourful traditions thrive. Book online today.

Discover the legendary kitchen of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its cuisine, and it's no surprise why it's one of the top culinary capitals in the world. No holiday to Hong Kong would be complete without indulging in the many different cuisines on offer. Whether this deliciousness comes in the form of Sichuanese, Cantonese, French or Japanese, the city's love of food and its broad culinary repertoire means that whatever you are craving (both weird and wonderful), Hong Kong will have a way to satisfy those cravings, in style. Whether you're trying freshly steamed dim sum or tofu for the first time, or dining on the latest creations by celebrity chefs, you won't go hungry on a holiday to Hong Kong.

Immerse yourself in the diverse islands and neighbourhoods

Hong Kong's enchanting islands and neighbourhoods offer a sensory feast. You may find yourself cheering with the hordes at the city-centre horse races, or swaying along on a historic two-tier tram, or simply viewing the glorious sites of the harbour. More than 70% of Hong Kong is made up of sprawling country parks and beautiful mountains, which hold both historical and geological beauties. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend the days strolling on your own deserted island, wandering the streets of a village in a Song-dynasty or kayaking whilst surrounded by volcanic sea arches. There is so much to discover in Hong Kong, your only problem will be choosing your favourites.

Embrace the local traditions and cultures

Underneath the commercial persona of Hong Kong is a dynamic cultural landscape where its colonial connections, Chinese roots, and home-grown talent are all linked together. On a holiday to Hong Kong, you are likely to find yourself cheering at Asia’s top film festival and reading the lines of a local poem to the beats of dragon boats. Culture can also be discovered at the local bamboo theatre showcasing classic Chinese opera, or one of the hundreds of shows that are showcased throughout the year at the city's numerous concert halls and museums. When in Hong Kong, discover life as a local and embrace the traditions.

If you want to discover a dynamic, exhilarating culture in one of the most beautiful cities in China, then a holiday to Hong Kong will satisfy all your adventure seeking needs. From new traditions, new cuisine to new technology, a holiday to Hong Kong will leave you in awe and wanting to return as soon as you possibly can. Visit Hong Kong with our luxurious hand-picked deals offering you exceptional discounts and exclusive deals, just for you.

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