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Enjoy luxury holidays to Kuala Lumpur with Voyage Privé and discover a destination that boasts gleaming skyscrapers, charming locals, colonial architecture, and a multitude of natural attractions. Book online today.

Visit the iconic Petronas Towers

You can't miss a trip to this pair of soaring skyscrapers. No visit to the city is complete without a picture of you standing in front of the Petronas Towers, then afterwards enjoying the adjoining park, with its beautiful fountains (which at night transform into a colourful water-style show). If you want to see the city from above, then take a trip up the visitor sky-bridge, or take a trip to Kuala Lumpur Tower which is one of the world's tallest towers, offering beautiful scenic city views and the opportunity to dine in a revolving restaurant.

Discover the Batu Caves

This is a beautiful shrine which is one of the most popular attractions in all of Kuala Lumpur. It's known for its massive golden statue of Lord Murugan, and the 272 steps to reach the top are the real challenge of the day. It's a Malaysian national treasure, and Batu Caves can be easily reached via bus or train. Just make sure you are aware of the monkeys who won't think twice about stealing your things. Don't forget to bring your camera, as you'll be greeted with a lovely view once you reach the top.

Take a trip to China Town

If you are craving Chinese food, then there's no better spot than Kuala Lumpur's China Town. This is the lively and bustling area of Petaling Street. Any typical Chinese dish that you are craving can be found here from Hokkien me and roasted duck, and original clay pot dishes. The great thing about China Town is that you can find delicious food 24/7. You can even practice your haggling skills as this street is also considered a shopper's dream, with hundreds of stalls offering a wide range of souvenirs and discount clothing. If Chinese food isn't what you are craving, then hit the night markets of Malaysia for traditional Malaysian food to feast on, or dine in one of the hundreds of brilliant restaurants dotted around the city.

If you are searching for a unique experience in a vibrant, thrilling and friendly city, then a holiday to Kuala Lumpur is the perfect choice of holiday for you. We handpick each and every one of our luxury holidays with you in mind to ensure you have a luxury and memorable holiday to Kuala Lumpur. Don't miss out on these deals, and sign up to our website today for exclusive prices and exceptional discounts on holidays to Kuala Lumpur. Start planning your dream holiday today.

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