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Enjoy luxury holidays to picturesque Colombia with Voyage Privé and discover where north meets south in all its rainforest glory; book online today.

Bogota is the place to be in 2018

If Colombia only reminds you of your favourite coffee bean, you're missing out. Grab one of our last minute deals to Bogota, the country’s capital and experience everything this unique city has to offer. There are new restaurants popping up every day and hundreds of luxurious hotels too. If you are a fan of craft beer, there are more than a handful of breweries to keep you happy. It is full of engaging excursions from political to cultural, and they offer something for everyone.

Let's not forget Medellin too

With one of our last minute deals to Colombia, you'll have plenty to do and experience in this beautiful country. If you’ve explored all of Bogota, you should also check out Medellin too, home to some of the most outstanding artists in the world. Medellin is an incredible “new” city since the country won its war, and it has attracted artists from all over the country. The expression of the artists is unbridled thanks to the legalisation of street art and the quality and diversity is unreal.

The tour guides are second to none

Colombia is a place of outstanding beauty. It has wonderful food, a thriving art scene and some of the most luscious rainforests in the world. With great links between tourist hubs, it is easy to get around to the main cities and explore the rich rainforests. It is home to Colombian coffee and the culture here is really unbeatable. Trying to see all of the wonderful parts of Colombia on your visit can be tricky but here is where Colombians really come into their own.

The natives in Colombia have been giving tours to tourists for years. It isn’t hard to find one as they are in every town, village, city and will be able to show you the best parts of the country. This includes coca tea, a tea unique to the region that gives the same kind of buzz as an espresso, and Tinto coffees. Colombian breakfasts are a must, but only if you have an appetite. They’ll be able to show you the history of the area you are staying and the spots of natural beauty. You’ll find the salsa nightlife irresistible too.

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