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Spa Break Deals and Holidays

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Spa Break Deals and Holidays
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Spa Break Deals and Holidays

Feeling in need of a little pampering? Take a look at our great spa break deals, with prices that will tempt you to treat yourself.

The belief in the curative properties of spa treatments goes back to Roman times, when the natural powers of mineral or sea water was considered the most beneficial cure for a whole range of health issues. The spa has come a long way since then, but the idea of a retreat in order to restore your energetic balance, relieve the body of stress, and take time to relax, has become more and more popular as our lifestyles have become ever more hectic. If you feel that you need a break from it all, either with a partner, a friend, or on your own, then a spa break in relaxed surroundings, enjoying a range of spa treatments could be just what the doctor ordered.

If you are looking for a pampered spa break, but are worried that you can’t afford to indulge yourself right now, think again! We want you to be able to treat yourself to the kind of spa break you deserve, so make a start by taking a look at the exclusive offers we provide for members, at a fraction of the cost they would expect.

What kind of pampering experience are you looking for?

Once you’ve decided that the pampering a spa break can offer is what you need right now, the next thing to do is to decide where you want your spa location to be. We tend to think about spa holidays as holistic experiences which begin the minute you step off the plane and continue right up until you return home again. Thailand’s beautiful southern islands offer some of the most unspoilt beaches in the world. There you can enjoy the famous Thai hospitality in luxurious accommodation and start the process of unwinding. Your journey then continues north to the hills where you will encounter a more traditional culture. Chiang Mai, the main town in the region, provides a large selection of wellness centres and spas where you can complete your pampering with traditional Thai massage, facials and hot stone treatments using natural herbs and essences. If this sounds appealing, take a look at the exclusive offers we make to our members on spa breaks in Thailand.

Make your booking now, and enjoy exclusive savings on your spa break

We're passionate about finding our members the very best deals on spa breaks, and offer savings of up to 70% on exclusive spa breaks, and spa hotel deals. We would like to extend a time-limited offer to you, to join them. Why not set up an alert so that you can be sure of hearing about our latest offers as they are added to the site?

So why not treat yourself, right now? Become a member today and you could soon be sitting in your dream spa resort, and enjoying a massage while watching the sun go down, a million miles away from your daily routine. Everybody deserves a little time to spend on themselves and that dream spa holiday is starting to look a whole lot more real!

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