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Holidays in Miami

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Miami is one of the most vibrant and exhilarating cities in the world. It offers splendid beaches and perfect weather, natural beauty and an unimaginable blend of various cultures. In addition, a more profound exploration into the city brings you to the historical Florida Keys. With Miami, one visit is never enough!

Nautilus by Arlo 4*

The top five things to do in Miami

1. Visit the South Beach

Your visit to Miami cannot be complete without a taste of the city's famous beach life. In addition to having some of the world's best beaches, Miami has the perfect weather for beach activities and watersports. Although there are many beaches in the city, we would recommend South Beach, thanks to its historic Art Deco architecture, watersports and fine Oceanside dining.

2. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

You should not leave Miami without visiting the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, especially if you are keen on global history and heritage. The Gardens boast statues, pools, sculptures, hedgerows, mazes and fountains while preserving the natural habitat. The site has also transformed into an educational centre for history, architecture, native plants and art. It also serves as a venue for gala events, weddings and receptions.

3. Fairchild Botanic Gardens

The Fairchild Botanic Gardens has two distinct parts: the Uplands and the Lowlands. The latter consists of the Caribbean plant life and the coastal habitat, including the Keys and the endangered Pine Rockland habitat. The Uplands consists of Madagascar forests, rain forests, a tropical fruit pavilion, a butterfly garden, the Baily Palm Glade, an edible garden and the Victoria water lily pool. Other significant features on-site include 11 lakes, the Gate House Museum and an amphitheatre for important public events.

4. Coral Gables

The Coral Gables is an excellent place for tourists and business people. The Biltmore Hotel is the core feature on the site. Designed in the Mediterranean style, the hotel attracts prominent and affluent people from all over the globe. The best features available include the golf course, terraces, tennis court, patios and a large swimming pool. It also offers wedding venues and gala events.

5. The Everglades and air boating

The Everglades is a must-visit attraction if you love wildlife and exotic plants. This unique ecosystem sits on about 11000 square miles of land divided into nine distinct habitats. After going around the park, you can unwind by participating in thrilling activities, such as air boating. The airboat rides are also a perfect way to view the park's unique habitats.

Our best hotels in Miami

1. Nautilus by Arlo 4*

Nautilus by Arlo 4* Nautilus by Arlo 4*

A stay at this hotel means an unparalleled experience of the soft and white sandy beaches on the South Beach in Art Deco style. Besides enjoying the city's vibrancy and elegance, guests at the hotel can unwind in the saltwater pools and stylish lounge area.

2. Mondrian South Beach 4*

Mondrian South Beach 4* Mondrian South Beach 4*

Thanks to its proximity to South Beach, this hotel offers unlimited access to the beach and its incredible scenery. Besides the first-class beach club, the hotel also offers a panoramic pool experience and a luxury spa to help you relax and unwind.

3. The Balfour Hotel Miami Beach 4*

The Balfour Hotel Miami Beach 4* The Balfour Hotel Miami Beach 4*

This hotel is key to a highly authentic Ocean Drive experience. Its interior design is also a reflection of Miami's wild and free spirit and it makes the perfect base from which to explore the city and its outskirts.

4. The Redbury South Beach 4*

The Redbury South Beach 4* & Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club 4* The Redbury South Beach 4* & Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club 4*

Miami is known for its bold, exhilarating, and brash culture, which you experience at this hotel. This multi-award-winning facility guarantees a state-of-the-art dining experience and amenities perfectly blended with an incredible outdoor adventure – the sun and beaches – to make your Miami trip memorable.

5. Washington Park Hotel South Beach 4*

Washington Park Hotel South Beach 4* Washington Park Hotel South Beach 4*

A stay at this hotel offers a rare opportunity to experience everything you hear about Miami in one go, from the sun-soaked shores to the fantastic views, Art Deco interiors and exteriors and rich culture.

When is the best time to go on holiday in Miami?

The ideal time to visit Miami lies between March and May. Besides the gorgeous weather during this period, visitors can experience the Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival in late March. Late April and early May are the best times to avoid the crowds associated with spring breakers. Since the Atlantic hurricane sets in between June and August and extends into November, you should expect the least crowds during these months. The prices are also lowest before tourism begins to revive from September and November.

Mondrian South Beach 4*

Going on holiday in Miami

Miami International Airport (MIA) is the main airport in Miami, but you can choose many other options depending on where you are coming from and going. With all the transport services at MIA, getting to your hotel from the airport will be a breeze. You can choose from the hotel shuttle services, airport transport, Uber and public transport.

Enjoy your holiday in Miami

Miami is an exciting place to visit and stay for as long as you wish. The city's outdoor-friendly weather lasts for most of the year, and there are excellent accommodations to be found throughout the area. Miami also boasts fantastic food and culture, sandy beaches, historic sites, wildlife and exotic plants, among other attractions. Most attractions and accommodations are family-friendly while some have stricter pet regulations. Miami is a great destination for any type of traveller, including couples, solo explorers, families and groups of friends.

The Voyage Privé travel expert's opinion on Miami

Popularly known as the Magic City, Miami is an exciting place to visit. While watersport lovers can have unforgettable moments at the beautiful beaches, nature and wildlife lovers can have a great time at the botanic gardens and parks. The city is a beautiful blend of multiple cultures, making it a cosmopolitan destination with a taste of North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean. The next time you feel like unwinding, try Miami, and you won't regret it.

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