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Greek islands holidays: an exploration of culture

With so many locations to choose from, cater your Greek island holiday to fit your needs. We have a multitude of deals on offer, so you’ll be well and truly spoilt for choice.

Sandy beaches

A Greek island holiday is the embodiment of luxury: idyllic white sand beaches lapped by the turquoise waves that have become synonymous with the idea of Greece, all boasting dramatic coastlines and a treasure trove of activities to suit your dream holiday.

With almost a thousand miles of coastline, the Greek islands offer a wide choice of activities, whether it be scuba diving among the marine life to delve into ancient shipwrecks beneath the waves of the Cyclades, sailing to explore the multitude of hidden coves on the coast of Kos, or water-skiing over the brilliant blue water surrounding Crete.

Of course, if relaxing is more your style, you need look no further than a Greek island holiday. With a multitude of resorts and spas dotted around the islands you’ll be in good hands, or simply find a secluded sandy spot and lie back listening to the soft ebb and flow of the ocean waves.

Ancient civilisations and myths

Dive into the ruins of the ancient Greek civilisations, exploring the myths of old that have cemented themselves into the rich history of the country. Take a step into history on the island of Crete, the birthplace of the Minoan civilisation. Explore the ruins of the Minoan Palace of Knossos, connected most famously to the legends of the Minotaur and Icarus.

Alternatively, lose yourself on the island of Delos, the supposed birthplace of Apollo, or Rhodes where the Temple of Athena sits above the idyllic village of Lindos. Whichever island you choose to explore, you will not find yourself far from significant locations of days gone by.

A treat for the tastebuds

Indulge in the rich Mediterranean diet of the islands, exploring the tastes owing to the fertile volcanic soils and sunny climate. Uncork the best wine Greece has to offer while visiting one of the many vineyards, or sate your appetite with the local island cuisines, complete with traditional Grecian cooking. A plethora of bistros and restaurants boast the very best food experiences, with many locations offering fantastic deals on luxury cooking courses, as well as tours across the olive groves.

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