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Cape Town Holidays 2024

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Book a family-friendly holiday in the beautiful city of Cape Town with Voyage Privé. This stunning city offers something for all the family to enjoy, from world-class museums to wildlife and vineyards. Book online today.

Relax, explore and more in Cape Town

Sandwiched between the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and the slopes of the Twelve Apostles, Cape Town offers a temperate climate with which to enjoy its stunning natural beauty, awe-inspiring wildlife, amazing shopping experiences and amazing food. There is something here for all the family to enjoy from world class beaches to endangered wildlife and much more.

Discover Cape Town with The Onyx and Excursions 4*

No matter what time of year you visit, Cape Town has something going on, from the Minstrel Carnival in January to the Champagne Festival in December this vibrant city never ceases to amaze with its open welcoming party atmosphere. So no matter if it's wine, food, music or fashion that interests you, there is something here to satisfy everyone.

Discover Cape Town with The Onyx and Excursions 4*

A foodie's paradise

A visit to Cape Town is not complete without paying a visit to one of the city's fabulous restaurants. Being located on the shores of the Atlantic, fresh fish is abundant here and the locals really know how to make the most of it. The cuisine ranges from traditional African fare to a fusion of Mexican, Italian, and French which celebrates South Africa's rich cultural heritage.

And where there is good food you can also bet there is good wine too. South Africa and Cape Town, in particular, are famous for their range of red and white wine which rivals the best French wines for taste and aroma. Wine buffs can even take a tour of a local vineyard where they'll be able to sample the best Cabernet, Merlot, Sauvignon and Chardonnays for themselves.

Discover Cape Town with The Onyx and Excursions 4*

View the local flora and fauna up close

No other city on earth can offer the same amount of diversity when it comes to wildlife and scenery. Whether it's a safari adventure to see Africa's wild animals up close, including buffalo, elephants, lions and giraffes all in their natural habitat, or the dramatic rock formations of the Southern Cederberg Mountains, Cape Town has it all. You can even combine a trip to the vibrant city of Cape Town with a relaxing spa weekend at a local game reserve to get the ultimate African experience.

And once you've seen what Cape Town has to offer on land, you can transfer to the sea to check out Cape fur seals, southern right whales, and endangered African penguins. And let's not forget Cape Town's most famous resident, the Great White Shark, which can be viewed up close and personal with a private cage diving session. Book your Cape Town adventure online at Voyage Privé and you'll be sure of the holiday of a lifetime. Don't miss out on our exclusive and hand picked deals.

Discover Cape Town with The Onyx and Excursions 4*

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