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Enjoy luxury holidays to Kenya with Voyage Prive and discover its intoxicating mix of fascinating wildlife and rich culture; book online today.

Enjoy Kenya's rich diversity of attractions

The south-eastern part of Kenya, bordering the Indian Ocean, boasts beautiful beaches and is a popular visitor destination for basking in the sun. Choose from Diani Beach, where the world's largest fish, the gentle whale shark, swims alongside divers when annual tagging expeditions take place from February to April; Malindi, a town at the centre of several tropical beaches, offering secluded holidays at world-class resorts, or Watamu, home to a Marine National Park and favoured by divers and snorkelers.

Northern Kenya is home to the 1,600 sq km Sibilo National Park, granted World Heritage Status and home to wildlife such as zebras, giraffes, hippos, ostriches and the occasional cheetah and lion. On the eastern shore of Lake Turkana is Koobi Fora Museum, a World Heritage Site where visitors can see fossils of crocodiles, giraffes and tortoises which are more than four times larger than their modern day descendants. Among the cities which are a "must" to visit are the cosmopolitan capital, Nairobi, known as the "city that never sleeps"; Mombasa, with its 16th century Fort Jesus overlooking the harbour, and Kisumu, home to one of Kenya's largest markets and the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary.

See Kenya's fascinating wildlife

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On the edge of Lake Victoria lies Homa Bay, home to Ruma National Park, where many unique species roam free in this beautiful location, including the rare fish eagle, with its haunting cry. Enjoy a camel safari through Kenya's wilderness in the north of the country, led by knowledgeable local guides. Take part in an elephant watching trip around Amboseli, where you can watch the herd and find out more about these intelligent and social creatures. See the amazing spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration at the Maasai Mara, or take a bird-watching trip around the scenic lakes of Great Rift Valley, including everything from ostriches to flamingos.

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Kenya's rich culture

Kenya, home to 42 different and unique cultures, is also inhabited by Europeans, Indians, Asians and nationalities from all over the world, making it a culturally diverse country. Enjoy the amazing Nairobi Fashion Market, where you can sample the capital's colourful fashion sense, or Maasai Market, where you can buy authentic, hand-crafted African art, beaded jewellery and traditional clothing. Take an organised trip to villages which are home to Kenya's 42 tribes to experience traditional culture first-hand.

Whether you prefer sunbathing on the beach, a city trip, watching the wildlife or immersing yourself in Kenya's culture, anything is possible. Take a look at our handpicked offers for luxury holidays in Kenya, with our selection of high-quality hotels at exclusive prices, offering exceptional discounts. Why not sign up to the site today, where you can create alerts to be notified of our upcoming sales?

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