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Enjoy luxury holidays to Nigeria with Voyage Prive and discover stunning wildlife reserves, extensive markets and great local restaurants; book online today.

Visit the most populous country in Africa

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous in the world. Across its 36 states, 500 different languages are spoken - the main one being English. This makes for a multi-cultural environment across the country. Located in the tropics, Nigeria has a tropical hot climate with seasons varying dependent on rainfall. The main seasons in Nigeria are the rainy season and dry season.

Nigeria has hundreds of kilometres of beaches for you to relax on and enjoy holidays away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We have exclusive handpicked offers for you at various resorts, so you can relax in comfort and enjoy the hot climate on your fantastic luxury holiday. This is a chance for you to get away from the stresses of working life and enjoy the sandy beaches and incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy the rich flavours of Nigerian cuisine

With such a multi-cultural environment, the cuisine on offer is similarly varied. Traditionally rich spices and herbs are used in conjunction with palm oil or groundnut oil to make flavoured sauces and soups which are often made hotter with chilli peppers. As you travel along the roads, you will find a variety of snacks being offered from road side barbecues and markets. Nigeria boasts the best Jollof rice - a rice made with spices, tomatoes, onions and often seafood - on the continent, and after one mouthful it's not hard to see why.

Nigeria has a great many attractions. Visit Yankari National Park to see the largest collection of animals in the country. With around 50 different species of animal, and 550 elephants, this is a must-visit for any animal lovers on holiday in Nigeria. If you're interested in some of the incredible natural landscapes then head to the Idanre hills for a breathtaking landscape, or visit the Ikogosi warm spring resort to view the geological wonder. Here you will find a warm spring flowing alongside a cold one. Our exceptional discounts mean you can enjoy these attractions for an exceptional price.

For the very best luxury holiday, with so many attractions to see, dishes to taste and things to do, pick one of our exclusive offers for an amazing stay in Nigeria.

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