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  • Head to Tuscany for a fabulous Fly Drive tour across stunning cities and iconic landscapes.
  • Enjoy the beauty of Florence, the charm of Lucca and the magic of Siena as you take the wheel of your own holiday experience.
  • Stay in a variety of beautiful hotels throughout and feast each morning on a complimentary breakfast!

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Your Destinations


Florence's museums, palaces, and churches house some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world. The most popular and important sites in Florence include the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Uffizi, the Bargello, and the Accademia. The churches of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce are veritable art galleries, and the library of San Lorenzo is a magnificent exhibition of Michelangelo's architectural genius.

Wander some of the oldest streets in the city 
until you reach the Arno River, cross the Ponte Vecchio, and experience the "newest" area of Florence, the Oltrarno. There are many excursions you can enjoy outside of Florence, such as Siena, Pisa, San Giminiano and the Chianti area.


Lovely Lucca endears itself to everyone who visits. Hidden behind imposing Renaissance walls, its cobbled streets, handsome piazzas and shady promenades make it a perfect destination to explore by foot – as a day trip from Florence or in its own right. At the day's end, historic cafes and restaurants tempt visitors to relax over a glass or two of Lucchesi wine and a slow progression of rustic dishes prepared with fresh produce from nearby Garfagnana. The hills to the east of Lucca also demand exploration.


In Siena the architecture soars, and could well lift your soul. Effectively a giant, open-air museum to the Gothic, its spiritual and secular medieval monuments still sit in harmony, many filled with collections of Sienese art. Add vibrant streets where every third door (literally) opens into a restaurant, enoteca or deli, and you’re in for a very fine time indeed. This is Italy before the Renaissance, magically transported to the modern day.

Your Itinerary In Brief

Day 1: Arrival in Florence
Day 2: Florence
Day 3: Florence
Day 4: Florence - Pisa - Lucca/Montecatini Area
Day 5: Lucca/Montecatini Area - Cinque Terre
Day 6: Lucca - San Gimignano - Siena
Day 7: Siena - Pienza - Montepulciano - Arezzo - Siena
Day 8: Siena - Chianti - Florence - Departure

Your Itinerary

During their tour, our members will follow the itinerary as seen below.

Day 1: Arrival in Florence
On arrival in Florence, please head to the rent-a-car desk where you will be provided with the keys and documentation, and then you can start your trip by visiting Florence. Once you reach the city, you can check-in at the hotel booked. Florence ​is a city that does not need any previous introduction. It’s the capital of Tuscany and a true wonder of the Renaissance period. You can’t miss the ​Piazza Duomo​, with its fantastic views, and the impressive ​Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore​, the main church of Florence and also one of the biggest Christian churches in the world. This Cathedral is part of ​the UNESCO World Heritage Site,​ together with its Baptistery and the ​Giotto's Campanile​, the highest bell tower of the city that determines its skyline. The exterior walls of the Cathedral are decorated in alternate vertical and horizontal bands with marble panels of various colors: white (from Carrara), green (from Prato) and red (from Siena). The dome, engineered by ​Brunelleschi​, is one of the greatest architectural masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance epoch. The exterior frescoes representing ​The Last Judgment ​are considered ​Zuccari​'s greatest work. In the evening you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Florence streets, and taste the amazing pasta or pizza at the nearby restaurants or pizzerias, full of typical Italian charm that will whet your appetite with its delicious smell. Accommodation in the hotel in Florence.

Day 2: Florence
Today, we recommend you visit the place where you will enjoy the best panoramic views of Florence, the ​Piazzale Michelangelo​, located on a hill of San Miniato, and dedicated to the Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo. If you are full of energy and have strong legs and feet, you can climb it by yourself. If not, do not worry, close to the ​piazzale ​ you will find a large free parking place. The city views that capture the heart of Florence from Forte Belvedere ​to Santa Croce​, are absolutely breathtaking. From the hill you can enjoy the best panoramic views of the city, its bridges and monuments, even the Synagogue of Florence and especially the Duomo and its enormous dome. We also suggest you strolling around the Piazza della Signoria ​with the Palazzo Vecchio ​and the Ponte Vecchio, ​one of the most spectacular and most photographed places of the city where you can buy the most famous Italian jewelry brands’ production. Visit the Gallery of the Academy, ​one of the most important museums in Florence dedicated to sculpture and painting. It’s the home of the Michelangelo’s sculpture​ David, ​previously located at Piazza della Signoria ​(replaced by a replica) and moved here in 1873. If you want to visit this museum, we recommend you to book your tickets with more than 30 days to spare. Accommodation in the hotel in Florence.
Day 3: Florence
Florence breathes art and history everywhere, in all corners. Today you can enjoy your day strolling through the streets and squares of the old town that will be a real pleasure for all the senses.  Today you will take a​ city tour in English group with a local guide​ to show you Florence highlights. We recommend you to visit the​ Piazza Santa Croce​, one of the main squares located in the central neighborhood of Florence, and enter to the church, known as the Temple of the Italian Glories​, where you will see the graves of great personalities in world history, such as Galileo Galilei, Machiavelli, Dante and Michelangelo, author and creator of his own tomb, among others. Another must see buildings is the ​Palazzo Vecchio​, where the City Hall is now housed, and other places of interest such as ​Santa Maria Novella​. And please don’t forget to have a rest enjoying a delicious Italian ​gelato ​ in the beautiful gardens of the ​Pitti Palace​. You can visit the world-famous​Uffizi Gallery​, the most visited museum in Italy that houses one of the richest collections of painting, statues, jewelry, scientific instruments and even weapons, created by the most famed masters such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian. Accommodation in the hotel in Florence​.

Day 4: Florence - Pisa - Lucca/Montecatini Area
After ​breakfast,​you can head towards​ Pisa​, known worldwide for its leaning tower (the bell tower of the city's cathedral). Among the main highlight of the city are distinguished: the spectacular ​Piazza dei Miracoli (the Square of Miracles), where, in addition to the famous ​Leaning Tower of Pisa​, you can admire the Pisa Cathedral, built of marble and white stone in the X century and dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta and the ​Baptistery of San Giovanni​, the biggest in Italy. You can make the most of this day enjoying the atmosphere of ​Pisa ​or go directly to the city of Lucca​, where you will spend the next two nights. Lucca is one of those cities that will surprise and conquer you with its romanticism and quietly. The city has preserved its medieval splendor and since the Middle Ages keeps intact its defensive wall. Known as "t​he city of 100 towers and 100 churches​" it has so much to offer the traveler. The ​Piazza del Anfiteatro founded on the ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheater is unique in the world for its oval shape and one of the most picturesque places in Lucca, where you can enjoy numerous restaurants and cafés. Via Fillungo, Lucca's main shopping street. The Tower of Hours ​ , located in the heart of the Via Fillolungo. This the tallest tower in the city and from its summit you can see the whole city. The Napoleon Square and the Ducal Palace, the largest square in Lucca, used for numerous events and outdoor concerts. The Ducal Palace, built on the ruins of a 13th century fortress, is today the seat of the city government. Accommodation in the hotel in ​Lucca/Montecatini Area​. 
Day 5: Lucca/Montecatini Area - Cinque Terre
If you haven’t enjoyed enough of the city of Lucca, now you will have enough time to do it. For those who prefer keep on discovering Tuscany, we’d like to recommend to visit something completely different, the famous​ Cinque Terre​, "The Five Lands" consisted of five villages:​Monterosso al Mare​, Vernazza​,​Corniglia​,​Manarola​, and ​Riomaggiore​, situated 80 km away from Lucca. The five villages, the coastline, and the hillsides that surround them are all part of the ​Cinque Terre National Park​ and is a ​UNESCO​ ​World Heritage Site​ since 1997. The first one of this five villages located in a beautiful colorful rock overlooking the sea is Monterosso al Mare​, the most populous of the Cinque Terre. Here you can enjoy of the longest and the most beautiful beaches in the region. The second one is ​Vernazza​, a small port that can berth small and medium vessels. The third one, Corniglia​, is the smallest of the five villages, and is not directly adjacent to the sea. Overlooking the sea, it’s situated on a picturesque promontory surrounded on three sides by vineyards and terraces. The next one, ​Manarola is the oldest of the villages that form the Cinque Terre and the second smallest on size. Its houses are grouped side by side along the main road, the​Via di Mezzo, which in turn follows the watercourse. The last one is ​Riomaggiore, stretching along a vertical axe, is extremely famous for its wine and its cute little houses that have one or two-floor towers in order to use at best the place at disposal. We recommend to leave your car in​La Spezia and visit the villages by train or by boat, as cars cannot reach them from the outside. Its location, lovely colorful houses and its lifestyle will make you fall in love with Cinque Terre! Accommodation in the hotel in ​Lucca/Montecatini Area​. 

Day 6: Lucca - San Gimignano - Siena
After breakfast, ​you can enjoy a last stroll through the city of Lucca before leaving it and heading toward Siena.  On the way to Siena, it's more than recommended to make a stop and for some shopping in the famous town of ​San Gimignano, with its marvelous medieval spirit that will make you travel several centuries back in time, and surrounded by stunning landscape of green hills, where cypresses, olive trees and vineyards grow . This town, inscribed as a​World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990, was also known as “The City of the thousand towers”, as it still preserves 14 of its medieval towers. This towers were a symbol of power for the old rich families, as they used to compete to have the highest tower. You can't leave the town without having an ice cream at Gelateria Dondoli, winner of the best ice cream award in the world several times. Siena is one of the most spectacular Italian places to visit. Its historic center, considered to be the embodiment of a medieval city, was inscribed as a​UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Walking by a charming network of its narrow medieval streets, you can admire the architecture of the​ Palazzo Comunale​, the ​Torre del Mangia​; the ​Piazza del Campo​, considered one of the most beautiful squares in Europe and the​Duomo​(the Siena Cathedral). This Cathedral was​initially designed to be the largest in West Europe, but this idea was never come true due to the terrible epidemic of plague that ravaged the city, killed a large part of its population and caused a serious economic damage to Siena. ​Inside the cathedral, you can find a myriad of artistic treasures, with pieces of Pisano, Donatello, Michelangelo and Bernini.  It is also worth visiting the ​Baptistery, the Church of San Domenic​, and the beautiful ornaments carved on the ​Fonte Gaia. Accommodation in the hotel in Siena.
Day 7: Siena - Pienza - Montepulciano - Arezzo - Siena
Today we recommend you to do a pleasant walk by the Tuscany hills, admiring its natural beauty, and visiting the most beautiful little villages in all of Tuscany, where the most prestigious wines are produced. You can make a visit to the natural, artistic and cultural park of Val D'Orcia​, added to the ​UNESCO​ list of ​World Heritage Sites​ in 2004. This wonderful place located between the southern hills of Siena right up​Monte Amiata offers many tourist attractions, such as the city of​Pienza​, overlooking the valley from the top of its walls. The​ Vald'Orcia​, or ​Valdorcia​, is also famous for its gastronomic highlights: oil, honey, and unique sheep's milk cheese called ​ Pecorino di Pienza ​ , sausages and saffron, cultivated in this valley since the Middle Ages. If you continue down the highway you will reach the Renaissance city of​Montepulciano​, well known for its ​vino Nobile and ​pecorino cheese. Once you are inside its city gates, you can make an enjoyable walk by Montepulciano streets admiring its Renaissance palaces and churches. After that, we recommend you to visit the elegant city of Arezzo​, that stands halfway between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. This city owes big part of its fame to the frescoes created by Piero della Francesca, located in the Church of San Francesco. Arezzo houses numerous buildings of great tourist interest, and it is also well known for being the birthplace of many famous people such as Vasari and Petrarca. Accommodation in the hotel in Siena.

Day 8: Siena - Chianti - Florence - Departure
If your flight schedule allows it, we recommend you to make a stop in the​Chianti​area situated on the way to Florence. There you will find a series of small historic villages, mountain views, and a plenty of olive trees and vineyards growing along the roadside. It will be a perfect moment to enjoy the landscapes and views offered by this area. And please don’t forget about its delicious cuisine and wine, the products of the rich soils of this region. On the way you will also discover some charming towns, such as ​Greve​,​ Montefioralle​,​Panzano an Radda​. Finally we will arrive at the Florence Airport. Please keep in mind:​ it is really​ important to return the vehicle (if possible) at the same time as that you picked it up. If you don’t, the rental company will charge you an extra day.​ Be careful with this detail to avoid paying an extra fee. Restitution of the car at the airport and return flight back home.

End of Services.

Your Tour Hotels

Our members will stay at the following hotels in Standard Rooms on a Bed and Breakfast Board Basis.

Your Hotels

Your Tour Hotels Your Tour Hotels
Florence: Starhotels Michelangelo 4*, NH Anglo American 4* or Starhotels Tuscany 4*

Lucca/Montecatini: Best Western Grand Hotel Guinigi 4*, Hotel Setterntrionale Esplanade 4* or Alla corte degli Angeli 4*

Siena: Montaperti Hotel 4* or Hotel Executive 4*

Sleeps up to

Adults Adults Adults
3 Adults
Adults Adults
2 Adults
1 Child

Please note: the bed for the 3rd guest sharing is likely to be a sofa bed or camp style bed. If any of these hotels are not available, hotels of a similar standard will be found.

Your Journey

Flights: The flights included are with either a scheduled or no-frills airline and are subject to live availability and prices can change. You can choose your preferred departure times during the booking process. Please select your flight options carefully as departure and arrival airports may differ.

Transfers: Transfers are not available with this offer.

Car Hire: This offer includes 8-days worth of car hire with unlimited mileage and third party insurance.


min : 2°C max : 9°C
min : 3°C max : 11°C
min : 5°C max : 14°C
min : 8°C max : 19°C
min : 12°C max : 23°C
min : 15°C max : 27°C
min : 18°C max : 30°C
min : 17°C max : 30°C
min : 15°C max : 26°C
min : 11°C max : 20°C
min : 7°C max : 14°C
min : 4°C max : 11°C

Travel Advice

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information please click here. 

Please note that the advice can change and consumers should continue to check it until they travel. 

Entry Requirements 

You must ensure you have a valid passport to travel on.

If your passport describes you as a British Citizen, you do not need a visa to enter Italy. For non-British citizens, you should check the current entry requirements on the website of the Italian Foreign Ministry.


For information about important health advice and any vaccinations required please visit and 

If vaccinations or other preventive measures are required, you will need to visit your health professional at least 8 weeks before your trip. In the event that you are referred to a medical facility for treatment, you should contact your insurance/medical assistance company immediately. 

Please note that passport, visa and health requirements can change. It is every traveller’s responsibility to ensure they have a valid passport, any required visas, and all the necessary vaccinations/health requirements as well as adequate insurance. 

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In More Detail

Please find practical information about the property and your trip: 

This offer is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.  
Check-in time: 3 pm
Check-out time: before 12 pm

Our price doesn’t include additional city taxes of 4.8EUR in Florence, 2EUR in Lucca and 2EUR in Siena (all prices are per person per night and are approximate and subject to change without prior notification).

Please Note: 
Check-in outside the hotel's standard times may incur additional fees. Check out times are subject to change, please check these with the hotel upon arrival.
Schedules and prices are subject to change. 
If the property is accessible to people with reduced mobility, this is subject to availability. To book a room for reduced mobility, please contact our Customer Services Team. 

What's Included

  • 7-night stay in 3*/4* hotels as per itinerary
  • Breakfast
  • Complimentary 90-minute guided tour of the city centre with a local English-speaking guide (museum tickets excluded)
  • 8-days car hire included with unlimited mileage and third party insurance

Not Included

  • Lunches and dinners, drinks and personal expenses
  • Rental car expenses: petrol, tolls, car-ferries, parking, etc. Tickets to any other places of interest during the way
  • Suggested visits and possible tickets for this suggested visits
  • Travel insurance (it is strongly recommended to offer the customers basic insurance)
  • City Tax: €4.80 in Florence, €2.00 in Lucca and €2.00 in Siena, prices per person per night(approximate prices)

Car Hire

Please note you cannot be guaranteed a specific make of car within a certain group.
The minimum age for driving a hire car in Italy is 21 and drivers must have held a full driving licence for a least 1 year. The lead name on the booking will be confirmed as the named driver.  The named driver must present a credit card in their name when collecting the car (credit cards in other names will not be accepted).

The named driver must also present a full valid driving licence on collection of the vehicle and in some cases a credit card or cash deposit will be required. Please ensure that you check your car hire documents carefully once received as this will advise if there are any taxes/charges to be paid locally as well as potential mileage restrictions.

The car can only be rented at Florence Airport (FLR) -   The return of the vehicle must be made before or at the same time as rented on the first day. If customer arrives later, even a few minutes, an additional day will be charged on the credit card.

-  Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 0830-2330, Sun 0930-2330
-  Age requirement: Age minimum : Minimum age is 25 years old

- Conditions: The person named on the reservation must be the main driver, present at time of rental and payer of any rental charges. To take possession of the car, the driver must present his driving license (issued at least 1 year), and a valid credit card. Debit cards are not accepted. The credit card must be in the name of the holder of the car reservation.

 - Included in the price:

 -        Third party insurance
 -        Partial Coverages for damages
 -        Service in case of breakdown
 -        Unlimited mileage

 -  Out of hours pick-up: Out of hours pick-up is not available.

 - Out of hours returnOut of hours return is available. Specific conditions may apply.

Your Contract

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Important Information

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The location shown on our map is to be used as a guide only and the actual location of the property may differ.

Your contact details may be passed on to the hotel so that they can make contact with you to discuss your booking in advance of your arrival.

You may be asked to provide a credit/debit card deposit on arrival to cover any purchases made in the hotel.

Although we endeavour to provide up to date information we cannot guarantee that all hotel facilities and services will be available during your stay, especially when travelling out of the main holiday periods.

Star rating standards may differ to that of the UK, depending on the country of travel.

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