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  • Escaping to Alaskan waters aboard a cruise ship offering discreet luxury (including swimming pool and spa), together with comfort and privacy, and settling into a luxurious Prestige Cabin for a restful night's sleep.
  • Marvelling at all the facets of Alaska, with its snow-capped peaks, coniferous forests, wildlife and rich Amerindian culture.
  • Discovering the region's beautiful glaciers and observing humpback whales, orcas and sea lions under the guidance of an expert team of naturalist guides.
  • Enjoying a stopover in Vancouver before and after your spectacular Alaskan cruise and making the most of all that this vibrant city has to offer.

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Your itinerary

Join us on a unique and truly memorable trip aboard the Soléal and discover Alaska on an 11-night expedition cruise, enveloped in the luxury of a Ponant vessel and its attentive crew.


Magnificent landscapes, boreal forests, snow-capped mountains, cultures thousands of years old and a unique ecosystem: this exploration of the end of the world in the mild Indian summer promises unforgettable memories.


To help you prepare for your trip, we've arranged for you to spend one night in Vancouver, before embarking the next day on the trip of a lifetime.


Your trip will take place as follows:


12 nights: 1 night in Vancouver + 11 nights aboard the Life-size Alaska Cruiser (in a Prestige Cabin, Deck 5 or 6)


Please note: The itinerary is subject to changes due to compelling reasons such as delayed flights, weather conditions or other cases of force majeure. The order of visits is also subject to change.

Your itinerary in brief

For a truly unforgettable adventure, set sail on Ponant's Spectacular Alaska Cruise, casting off from Vancouver


Also known as the land of trappers and adventures, Alaska is both a mythical region and an immense territory. It beckons you to discover its varied, grandiose landscapes during this 11 night cruise aboard the Soléal.


An experienced crew will accompany you through these waters rich in natural wonders and expert naturalist guides will reveal incredible Alaska and just some of its many mysteries...


Your itinerary in brief

  • Day 1: Embarkation 
  • Day 2: Johnstone Strait
  • Day 3: The Inside Passage
  • Day 4: Metlakatla
  • Day 5: Kake
  • Day 6: Petersburg - Endicott Arm Fjord - Dawes Glacier
  • Day 7: Haines
  • Day 8: Glacier Bay Nature Reserve - Elfin Cove
  • Day 9: Adolphus Point - Elfin Cove
  • Day 10: Sitka
  • Day 11: Icy Bay - Tsaa Fjord - Guyot Glacier
  • Day 12: Prince William Sound - College Fjord
  • Day 13: Arrival in Seward - disembarkation


Please note that depending on the conditions during the cruise, the captain reserves the right to change the itinerary.

Your itinerary in detail

Days 1-4

Day 1: Embarkation 


  • Board the cruise ship at the end of the day.
  • Settle into your cabin and meet the crew.


Day 2: Sailing the Johnstone Strait


Along the north-east coast of Vancouver Island, Johnstone Strait is a 100 km-long channel (some 60+ miles), formed by the bed of an ancient glacier, dotted with a string of verdant islands.


  • Sailing through this wilderness, you'll enjoy magnificent opportunities to observe wildlife.
  • Try spotting resident killer whales from the deck of your ship. The cool, sheltered waters of the Strait are home to these amazing creatures.


Day 3: Navigation through the Inside Passage


Sheltered from the ocean currents of the Gulf of Alaska, this seaway that weaves its way between the islands and islets of the south-east, will offer you some magnificent moments of navigation.


Coniferous forests stretch endlessly, dissected by numerous coves, bays, immense valleys and deep fjords formed by ancient glacial valleys. The fishing villages accessible only by sea are surrounded by snow-capped mountains and glaciers that flow into the waters of this veritable wildlife sanctuary.


  • From the deck of your ship, you can try to spot humpback whales or the famous bald eagle, the region's emblem.

Day 4: Metlakatla


On the west coast of Annette Island, the small community of Metlakatla welcomes you for a timeless experience. Founded in 1887 by a group of Tsimshians originally from British Columbia, the Annette Island Reserve is still the only federal reserve for Alaska's indigenous peoples. Discover their culture through crafts, artistic performances and the totem poles for which they are renowned.


  • Enjoy a walking tour on this stopover, at the heart of Alaskan culture.

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Days 5-7

Day 5: Kake


Located on the island of Kupreanof, it is home to a community of over 500 inhabitants. Kake is a little paradise for salmon, which spawn in the River Gunnuk close to the village. Bald eagles and black bears are also common visitors, coming to feast on the fish.


Another unique feature of the area is the presence, on a hill, of a 60-metre totem pole, considered to be the highest in the world.


  • Discover the small Tlingit village of Kake, some 40 miles west of Petersburg. 


Day 6: Petersburg - Endicott Arm - Dawes Glacier


All around you, crystal-clear waters, and a little further on, snow-capped peaks. This is the scenery you'll discover when you disembark at Petersburg, one of Alaska's largest fisheries. Another special feature of this very dynamic city is its penchant for art.


Cut into the south coast of Alaska, in the heart of the Alexander Archipelago, the Endicott Arm Fjord is a short inlet offering spectacular views of pristine nature. Azure waves, snow-capped peaks, lush forest... But the main attraction remains the Dawes Glacier, whose bluish back you can admire snaking its way up the mountainside. 


  • Disembark at Petersburg and admire a number of murals, totem poles and sculptures on its pavements and shopfronts.
  • Enjoy a stopover in the heart of the Tongass National Forest and try to observe a rich  fauna which includes some 240 species of birds, as well as sea lions, sea lions, humpback whales...
  • Depending on the weather conditions, observe the white cliffs where the glacier meets the water. See icebergs forming, or simply the observe the harbour seals that have made this end-of-the-world setting their home.


Day 7 : Haines

Tucked away in the heart of a spectacular natural setting, between towering peaks and a sapphire ocean, the mythical little port of Haines offers you all the richness of its traditions. Founded by the Tlingit Indians and populated by the pioneers of the famous Gold Rush, the village has become a rallying point for modern adventurers.


  • Visit the pretty streets of Haines, lined with colourful houses.
  • Soak up local history at Fort Seward in the museums of Indian art, before escaping, perhaps, to the nearby wilderness.
  • The beautiful Chilkat River is particularly worth a visit, with caution...as it's possible to spot grizzly bears coming to feed.

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Days 8-10

Day 8: Glacier Bay Nature Reserve - Elfin Cove


It's opposite the magnificent Nature Reserve of Glacier Bay that you'll discover Point Adolphus. It's renowned worldwide for its humpback whales. In summer, the majestic mammals come to feed in these nutrient-rich waters, sometimes venturing just a few dozen metres from the shore, near houses and marinas. 


  • Try spotting orcas, sea lions and other marine species in these landscapes of fjords and ice fields. 



Day 9: Adolphus Point - Elfin Cove


Clinging to the tip of an island in the Alexander Archipelago, close to the Canadian border, the peaceful bay of Elfin Cove is home to a community of fishermen connected to the rest of the world only via the sea. Just a few miles sailing a little further north, the Glacier Bay National Park conceals a wealth of wonders. 


  • Discover Elfin Cove, comprising but a dozen wooden houses, a long plank pontoon, a tiny harbour with crystal-clear waters...
  • If energies permit, set off to discover the surrounding area, including Glacier Bay National Park. Meander through unspoilt forest on a network of hiking trails leading to secret beaches where silence reigns supreme. 

Day 10: Sitka


A former Russian colony located on the Baranof Island, to the west of the Alexander ArchipelagoSitka is a place steeped in history. Sitka National Historic Park is home in particular to totem poles carved from red cedar wood, a tree that is ubiquitous in the region. They bear witness to the past presence of the Tlingit Indians. But the area is also full of natural wonders.


  • Contemplate the stunning scenery all around... mountains surround the port of Sitka.
  • Look out for the snow-capped peak of the Edgecumbe volcano, seemingly standing guard. Numerous islets scattered around Sitka will complete this vision of an unspoilt Alaska.

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Days 11-13

Day 11: Icy Bay - Tsaa Fjord - Guyot Glacier


Formed by the retreat of the Guyot, Yahtse and Tyndall glaciers over the last 100 years, Icy Bay is one of those timeless places where silence can be heard... The bay, several miles wide, is often crowded with icebergs gliding across clear, deep waters. It will give you access to several inlets, including the Tsaa Fjord, very close to the Guyot Glacier. Many marine mammals and seabirds make their home in this little-visited area of southern Alaska.


  • Drink in the scenery and let yourself be subjugated by the beauty of breathtaking landscapes sublimated by a magnificent view of the chain of Mount Saint-Elias, visible in the background.


Day 12: Sailing in Prince William Sound - College Fjord


On the east coast of the Kenai Peninsula, Prince William Sound reveals its majestic beauty. You may be lucky enough to spot the resident otters, orcas, grizzly bears, bald eagles, sea lions and humpback whales. There are still traces of the 1964 earthquake, one of the most powerful on record, which measured a staggering 9.2 on the Richter scale. Sailing in Prince William Sound is also an opportunity to contemplate the imposing Harvard and Mawr Glaciers on the horizon.


A secret inlet carved out of Alaska's southern coast, College Fjord will offer you an exceptional setting in which to study the glacier. Listen out for the tremendous detonation-like sound produced by the icebergs when they break loose... 


  • Sail through this labyrinth of islets, icebergs and narrow fjords, surrounded by Sitka spruce and western hemlock trees, which make up the incredible backdrop of the Chugach National Forest. 
  • In the College Fjord admire five tidewater glaciers and as many high-altitude glaciers, discovered at the end of the XIXth century and bearing the names of the great American universities where the explorers studied.


Day 13: Arrival in Seward - disembarkation

Seward is located on the Kenai Peninsula, south of Anchorage. The gateway to the sublime Kenai Fjords National Park, Seward is nestled in the heart of beautiful scenery and boasts a wealth of marine life.  


  • Discover this lively fishing and shipbuilding port, together with its shops and art galleries.
  • Disembark on dry land after a wonderfully memorable cruise. 

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Important information about your cruise:

  • Please note that you can check in on board from 6pm until 8pm when you arrive. You can leave your luggage on the boat if you arrive before check-in time.
  • For seasonal, technical or safety-related reasons, certain activities may be cancelled without prior notice. The order of the stopovers can also be changed.

Welcome aboard

Climb aboard Ponant's Spectacular Alaska Cruise and set sail for Alaskan waters.


This charming vessel will let you cruise in comfort at a leisurely pace and admire the magnificent landscapes you'll encounter en route.


Settle in to your Prestige Cabin on Deck 5 or 6 (as selected at time of booking) and let the holiday relaxation take hold.


Enjoy alternating very relaxing moments absorbing the positive energy from the omnipresent nature, and exploring the many wonderful stop off spots on your cruise itinerary. 

Your cabin

This offer is based on a stay in a Prestige Cabin (Deck 5 or 6, according to your chosen accommodation).

Prestige Cabin Deck 5 (18 m²)

The Prestige Cabin is fitted with all of the modern fixtures and amenities you might need to enjoy a comfortable stay. This cabin is situated on Deck 5. 

Maximum room capacity

Adults Adults
2 Adults

Prestige Cabin Deck 6 (18 m²)

As previously, this Prestige Cabin endeavours to ensure you enjoy your time at sea and sleep soundly after days spent discovering the wonders of Alaska. This cabin is situated on Deck 6. 

Maximum room capacity

Adults Adults
2 Adults

Your dining choices

This offer is based on a full board stay (breakfast, lunch and your evening meal served in the main buffet restaurant - excludes drinks). Please see the details section for further information about your board basis.     

Life on board

During your sea crossing, take advantage of the many services and activities on board and an enchanted interlude between comfort, relaxation and entertainment.


Sit back, relax and simply contemplate the stunning scenery, or treat yourself to a moment of relaxation at the spa. Keep fit in the gym and depending on the season, indulge in a dip the swimming pool or take some sun, on deck. 


Non-stop crossings are also an opportunity to attend presentations or shows offered on board, depending on the activities on offer, or to do some shopping in the boutique. Lovers of the open sea, meanwhile, will head to the ship's upper deck to admire the spectacle of the waves and perhaps have the chance to observe marine species.


Coast Coal Harbour Vancouver Hotel by APA 4*

Experience modern elegance at The Coast Coal Harbour Vancouver Hotel by APA, a 4-star gem in the heart of Vancouver.


Located near key attractions like the Vancouver Convention Centre and Stanley Park, the hotel offers bright rooms with high-quality amenities and delectable local cuisine. As part of the Refreshingly Green™ programme, this Green Key Global-certified hotel is committed to environmental sustainability.


Engage in a workout session at the fitness centre, unwind in the Sanatio Spa adorned with Japanese Omotenashi art, or enjoy a refreshing swim in the seasonal outdoor pool before embarking on your city exploration.


To enjoy a snack or a drink in a relaxed atmosphere, visit Prestons Restaurant + Lounge.

This is an accommodation only stay.

Your room

This offer is based on a stay in a Standard Room (before and after your Alaskan cruise).

Standard Room (29 m²)

The Standard Room provides a comfortable stay in the city, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of downtown Vancouver.

Maximum room capacity

Adults Adults
2 Adults

Your journey to Alaska & Vancouver


You will be able to choose your airline and flight times when you make your booking. This flight may include one or more stopovers. The stopover may be technical (without a change of aircraft) or transit (with a change of aircraft).

Luggage information

Luggage, meals and other services on board may be subject to an additional fee on certain airlines. It is possible to view details of luggage allowances when you choose your flights at the next stage of the booking process. If luggage is not included with your flight, please go to the airline's website before your departure to purchase your luggage for an additional fee.

For domestic flights, airlines do not always offer the option of reserving luggage. In this case, you will need to pay for it at the airport counter.

You will receive all the information you need to check in for your flights after you have made your reservation.

In more detail

Ponant Cruise Alaska life size

Please find practical information about your trip:
The number of cabins on this boat: 132
Maximum number of passengers: 264
This ship is not accessible to people with reduced mobility. 
Pets are not permitted.

Cabin facilities

  • Balcony or Terrace
  • TV
  • Hairdryer
  • Coffee machine
  • Minifridge
  • Safe
  • Air conditioning
  • Shower

If booking as a solo traveller, room occupancy and configuration are not guaranteed. You may be placed in either a single, double or twin room, based on the availability of the property at the time. 

The location shown on our map is to be used as a guide only and the actual location of the property may differ.

Your contact details may be passed on to the hotel so that they can make contact with you to discuss your booking in advance of your arrival.

You may be asked to provide a credit/debit card deposit on arrival to cover any purchases made in the hotel.

Although we endeavour to provide up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee that all hotel facilities and services will be available during your stay, especially when travelling out of the main holiday periods.

Star rating standards may differ to that of the UK, depending on the country of travel.


Travel with peace of mind


To ensure a peaceful holiday, our partners are committed to respecting the local health and sanitary measures in force to protect your safety and well-being.


Please note: health and sanitary measures may be subject to change in line with government recommendations. Consequently, they may affect access to certain amenities and leisure facilities.

Coast Coal Harbour Vancouver

Please find practical information about the property and your trip:
This property is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Check-in time: 15:00
Check-out time: 12:00

Pets are not permitted.
Your stay may be subject to an additional city or tourist tax payable directly to the hotel, which is not included in our nightly rate. Please check with hotel directly for further information.



Important details about your hotel:

Check-in and check-out outside the hotel's standard times are subject to availability and may incur additional fees, please check with the hotel prior to your visit.

Please note, any included meals are usually served at the hotel’s main buffet restaurant (unless stated otherwise). Alternative food and beverage outlets may not be applicable to your board basis and/or available at selected times only. Please see directly with the hotel for further details of your board conditions.

Hotel facilities

  • 24-hour reception
  • Air conditioning
  • Lift
  • Hairdresser
  • Concierge service
  • Multilingual staff
  • Wi-Fi
  • Indoor parking
  • Laundry service

Room are equipped with*:

  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Courtesy tray (tea and coffee)
  • Minifridge

Restaurant and bar facilities

  • Prestons Restaurant + Lounge

Leisure facilities

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Tour desk
  • Fitness centre

*Certain facilities/ services are subject to a surcharge payable on-site.
Some facilities may not be available.


A warm welcome

We offer you a warm welcome to your holiday destination, and our partners are committed to ensuring your safety and well-being.

If booking as a solo traveller, room type is not guaranteed. You may be placed in a single, double or twin room, based on availability.

You may be asked to provide a credit/debit card deposit on arrival to cover any purchases made in the hotel.

Although we endeavour to provide up-to-date information we cannot guarantee that all hotel facilities and services will be available during your stay, especially when travelling out of the main holiday periods.

Star rating standards may differ to that of the UK, depending on the country of travel.

Your contract

If you book a package which includes flights, your contract will be with Voyage Privé. The air holiday package(s) shown are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is 10170.

If you book a package which does not include flights, then ATOL protection does not apply. Your contract will be with the provider of the accommodation and not Voyage Privé. Voyage Privé acts only as agent for the accommodation provider.

Please read our booking conditions before confirming your holiday. 

The Voyage Privé Promise

  • A unique selection of high-end accommodation
  • Exclusive perks and discounts of up to -70%
  • For all inquiries, refer to our help centre available 24/7
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