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Holidays to Ukraine, Europe's last travel frontier

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One of Eastern Europe's largest countries, this diverse and largely undiscovered nation has beautiful cities as well as inexpensive food and nightlife wherever you go.

The cost of living in Ukraine is low, so visiting can be very cheap

With a three-course meal for two people on average costing just £10, you might find yourself with more spare cash to enjoy everything that Ukraine has to offer. It'll also cost you pennies to get the Metro around the capital city, Kiev, while a trip in a taxi will set you back around £3.50 for every 10 miles.

Our last minute bookings for trips to Ukraine can give you an excellent start to your stay, with our exclusive prices providing you with the opportunity for your dream trip without breaking the bank. You could be set to enjoy your most affordable but most luxurious holiday yet.

Sample delicious traditional local cuisine

Ukraine's geography and climate make it perfect for producing various types of food; they're a major producer of grains, meat and dairy so fresh produce is never far away from your plate. There's also plenty of fish from the Black Sea as well as the Azov Sea, which means restaurants have a variety of options to make their traditional great-tasting dishes.

Ukrainian food is much like its Eastern European counterparts, with must-try dishes including 'varenyky', a type of stuffed dumpling filled with mushrooms, potatoes, meat or fruit, as well as another staple 'borsch' — a thick beetroot soup served with sour cream. You'll never be hungry as the heavily meat and potato-based diet is perfect for the winter climate. Alternatively, in the sunnier coastal region, the abundance of fresh catches from the sea can perfectly complement a bottle of local wine over dinner.

Ukraine boasts a range of beautiful cities

Each city has its own unique look and atmosphere; the cultural and business centre of Kiev allows you to take in the finest bars and restaurants, whereas you can swim in the Black Sea and relax on the beach in the setting of the warm, sunny port city of Odessa. Lviv has a more western feel to it in its architecture, with plenty of historic and iconic buildings dating back centuries for you to explore and learn about. There are a host of other authentic towns dotted around western Ukraine, often off the beaten track but still offering great value to visitors. Enjoy luxury holidays to destinations in Ukraine with Voyage Prive and discover the rich and stunning wonders to be found in its finest towns and cities.

Travelling to Ukraine can offer a unique and varied experience, all for a cheaper price than most standard holiday destinations as food, drink and travel inside the country is incredibly cheap. Find great deals online with Voyage Prive and book your trip to Ukraine today.

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